This is a very interesting text presenting very interesting ideas on avoiding violence. The book, authored by a seasoned author David Albert, presents in a very clear and presentable way the theory of non violence. The author makes a lot of effort to show the enormous power possessed by people and how it ought to be used to influence without necessarily using violent means. The book published in 1985 was released at a very strategic timing when a number of non violent ways had succeeded in accomplishing a number of challenges (Albert, 1984).

The author in this text makes an endeavor to bring out a true picture of how people power can be used to carry out effective non violent actions which will bear fruits. Generally speaking the author in this 62 pages text simply brings out an excellent strategic rationale and outlines which in a clear manner shows how the non violent theory can be used to achieve results. The author examines the history, the methods and the varieties of non violence. He also discusses in a very clear way the theory of power in the light of people. In this discussion the author basically shows the great potential of the public in form of people power (Albert, 1984).  

The author gives a projection of the future potential in the people’s power. He encourages the reader to take part in the people power struggle. Actually, through the text, the author urges the reader to make a contribution towards a more humane society. The book has an advantage of being clear in its presentations. The ideas are quite convincing and organized in a systematic manner (Albert, 1984).  

This book is quite clear on the use of people power and how it amalgamates well with the non violent theory. The author has made his arguments quite clear and presented them in a convincing manner. I will recommend this book to all the people who are of age. The book is a good tool for better citizenship and if its concepts are understood then it will lead to the development of a humane society.