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Controversies Surrounding Hazing

There are many controversies surrounding hazing. Few people clearly understand social abuse which takes place in the name of hazing. Poor understanding has resulted from the fact that this practice is carried out with much secrecy by the fact that it’s illegal. Another hindrance to proper research as far as hazing is concerned is the

I Have a Dream

In his speech made in august 1963, martin Luther gave his speech in Washington DC which had plenty of messages to the people. Martin Luther highlighted on very many critical issues which addressed the critical issues such as democracy, racism, and other vices which hinders human development. In his speech, he gave the remarks which

Hazing in the Military and Police Force

In military groups much stress and hostility originates form members and not outsiders as one will think. As a result there is a lot of mistrust between team members and towards their leaders. Therefore there are many negative implications that result from this practice. Other times soldiers choose to go through the practice as a

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King gave his last speech, “I’ve been to the mountaintop on third April, 1968. He gave this speech at the mason temple in Memphis, Tennessee. The day that followed Martin Luther king`s speech, he was assassinated. The speech does not contain a thesis statement. However, his speech has a certain focus. In his

Public Speech

Public speaking can be very beneficial both in personal and professional life. In personal life, public speaking helps an individual to develop courage, conquer his or her fears, and gain more confidence in his or her strengths. Moreover, speaking in public supports a person to learn the art of argumentation and persuasion that will also

Obama Speech

Obama’s inaugural speech could go in to the books of history as the best speech for the ages if he could meet his promises as he eloquently said them. In his inspirational inaugural speech, he called upon on all Americans to accept a new era of accountability and to work with selflessness and courage so

The Dangers of Online Dating

Introduction I. Nowadays, modern technologies are spreading at a great rate around the world. The services that provide communication are the most popular. Twenty five years ago people had no idea how to contact a person living on the other side of the globe in the most rapid, cheap and convenient way. However, do communication

A More Perfect Union

On 28th March 2008, senator Barrack Hussein Obama amicably addressed the United States population with one of the ever given greatest speeches. It was not only regarded as a wake-up call for the Americans but also the beginning of a new epoch. To effectively instill the content of “A More perfect Union” speech to intended

Weapon policies

Despite the fact that killing human beings is not rare nowadays, the world spends much time, money and effort on the invention of new weapons of mass destruction, and more and more men and women are willing to own guns. This tendency seems alarming, and the only possible way to stop it would be to

Obamas State of the Union Address

In his State of the Union speech, President Obama highlighted a grand plan to ‘win the future’. He urged renewed investment in the American education, infrastructure and technology, whereas at the same time advocating for a more efficient federal government together with a reduction of the deficit. Although the speech lacked specific policy proposals, he