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Social Divisions

Social divisions are described as the social differences that are experienced by individuals within a given society. These social differences can be experienced in terms of roles, cultural norms and values, social opportunities and expectations as well as in living standards (Best, 2005). While there are several factors that lead to these differences among individuals,

The Cahaba Project

The need for better houses and other facilities has never been new. Citizens in many nations are looking forward for their governments to provide for them better shelters among other necessities. However, as it has been the joy of every government to see that the well being of its citizens is given the first priority

Management of the Cahaba Project

The project was initially under the hands of the government since it was one of the proposed strategies that the government was using to boost its economy. The first person to manage this project was the project manager, Kestler, H. in 1938. He had a strong faith for Cahaba, his vision spirited his committee, and

The Effects of Global Warming

Definition of Global Warming According to Houghton (2004), global warming is the increase or rise of average or normal temperature on the planet Earth. Global warming can also be defined as the average increase in temperature of the atmosphere near the Earth’s surface and in the troposphere; this temperature increase contributes to changes in global

Sewage Pollution

The topic I want to talk about is sewage pollution. The reason why I choice this topic is that our school is located in a sea shore area and I can see the water every time on my way to school. Bearing in mind the importance of water in the existence of human beings, this

The Importance of Environmental Protection

The constant worsening of environmental conditions has lead to some discussions on how it is important to protect it, and what impact the safe environment bring for to the society, business, and individuals. The future of the environmental conditions is not less arguable. Hence, it pushes the investigators to evaluate and forecast the future of

Tornado Balance

Tornado is an aggressively revolving pillar of air spreading from within a thundercloud down to ground levels. The powerful tornadoes may arc houses from their ground, wipe out Brock buildings, throw cars and school buses through the air and even lift railroad cars from their tracks. The rainstorm that technologically advanced in warm, moist air

Conservation Study

The Bristol-Myers drug company wants to harvest the Pacific Yew, biologically known as Taxus brevifolia. It is an indigenous coniferous tree found in the Pacific of North America, ranging from the southernmost Alaska to central California with other species distributed in other parts of the world including India and China. It is an evergreen tree

A Social Behavior

Environmental factors are specialized elements in the physical, demographic environment and are affected by the operations and growth of the organization. Genetic factors deals with the hereditary transmission and the variation of inherited characteristics among related organisms. Environmental factors are of utmost significance to many planning systems across the world as attempts have been made

The Problem of Global Warming

Global warming is the continued mount on the typical temperature of the globe’s atmosphere and oceans. It is caused by the amplified concentrations of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere consequential from human actions such as deforestation and fiery of fossil fuels. Many atmospheric acts have immensely contributed to global warming. Pollution is one of