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Marijuana and Stroke

There is a growing contention that marijuana can treat rain Injury or stroke. The emerging literature from medical researches indicates that the marijuana compound, cannabinoids has neuroprotective properties. The National Mental Health institute (NIMH) supports the argument by demonstrating that the cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinoids THC are potent anti-oxidants used for animals (Gonzalez, 2007). It

Retroactive State Taxation

There has been significant controversy on the constitutionality of Retroactive state taxation. There have been uproars from various quarters on the violation of the retroactive action on taxes. The various bills which have been passed are viewed as violating the due process guarantees of the Fifth Amendment. The argument against the legislative retroactive action on

Tex and Rex

This is a case study which seeks to show how one can be absolved from a wrong done. In this case study two people are sponsored to go on a ride and events turn out in the wrong way. A legal wrong in this context is a violation of a person’s rights .Tex and Rex,

China’s Anti-Monopoly Law

The China’s anti-monopoly law was drafted for about thirteen years before it was enacted. The anti-monopoly law was officially declared by the Tenth National People’s Congress. The law was effected a year after its official launching. Its main objective was to regulate the competition at the China’s market. The significant impacts of the law were

United States Anti-Trust Law

Sherman Act is an article in the US antitrust law which provides the contact of the single firms by making provisions which prohibits monopolization or any other similar attempts within the different US states. This prohibition does not impose a totally ban on monopoly but only on monopoly that was acquired through wrong channel. Therefore

Women in Politics

Right through most of the history, women in general have had less lawful rights and career break through than men. Motherhood and wifehood have been considered as women’s most important professions. In addition, ever since the early period, women have been exclusively viewed as a resourceful source of human life. Also historically, women have been

Paradise Lost

In the law courts, discrimination and prejudice in most cases influence the jury and ultimately result in the conviction of falsely alleged or innocent people. Discrimination and prejudice usually affect the people who are despised or may be marginalized in the community. The case of the West Memphis Three saw a young man, Damian Echols

The Principal Institutions of the European Union

The administration of European Union consists of seven organizations. According to the Article 13 concerning the European Union Treaty, they are optimized in an order of a European Parliament, the Court of Auditors, the European Council, European Union of Justice Court, the European Commission, the Council, the Central Bank of European Union (Topan 2002). Most

Business Law

Define and discuss major types of bailment Bailment comes into existence when a person delivers goods for another person called a bailor into the possession of another person, the bailee upon a promise of implication or expression that the goods delivered to the bailor or dealt with in a stipulated manner as discussed by the

Public Health Workers and Their role in Containing Domestic Violence

Many people suffer from health problems as a consequence of domestic violence. Domestic violence refers to the situation when one partner in a family abuses the other partner or children in the family, and this abuse can either be physical or sexual. For the longest time, domestic violence advocates have been in the frontline headlining