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Prominent Counter Arguments

Plastic surgery is important in some cases, but these cases are so rare and far spread that counting by the number of surgeries conducted in the US today, only less than 8% are objectively necessary. There are instances that children are born with lip anomalies or facial disinformation. Correcting such problem with plastic surgery is


Vitamin is also called sunshine vitamin as it can be synthesized by animals with the help of sunlight vitamin D maintains optimal levels of calcium and potassium in the body. This makes it essential for bone growth and repair vitamin D also strengthens the immune system and prevents secretion of parathyroid hormone. Synthesis of vitamin

Ideas on Avoiding Violence

This is a very interesting text presenting very interesting ideas on avoiding violence. The book, authored by a seasoned author David Albert, presents in a very clear and presentable way the theory of non violence. The author makes a lot of effort to show the enormous power possessed by people and how it ought to

Disability in Canada

This is a research paper which seeks to shade more light on disability in Canada. The statement thesis of the paper is disability in Canada. Through this paper, the efforts being made by the government likewise the private sector in ensuring that people with disabilities are served well are brought to light. The paper in

Learning Disability Association of Canada

There are many non governmental organizations which are helping to empower the lives of the disabled people. This section will cover two examples of such bodies which have made efforts towards enriching the lives of the disabled. One such body is the Learning Disability Association of Canada (LDAC). This body has been operating since 1963.

How Social Media Can Affect Your Job Search Process

Social media has an extensive influence on the process of searching for work from a potential employer’s perspective: the information that individuals provide on social media sites can be a reflection of who they really are. For that reason, it is beneficial for human resources personnel to monitor the profiles of potential employees. While screening

The Youth Violence

This article bring to surface one of the most critical issues in the world which has constantly been elusive to political as well as religious leaders. The paper sets out to show that youth violence can no longer be neglected as it is ever increasing and that it is an issue which ought to be


The System for the Analysis of Biochemical Pathways-Reaction Kinetics (SABIO-RK) like other databases such as BIND is used to represent data describing biochemical reactions and pathways. It is a web –based database accessed in net enabled servers. It is mainly used by modelers and wet-lab scientists to get detailed facts through integration of data from

The Genetic Genie

“Genetic genie, first unbolted to delicacy illness, is not on our side whether we like or not “warns Leon Kass in his 1999 article, “The Genetic Genie: Danger to Humanity” Mastery of hereditary management was acquired leaving a huge gap of entry for other social evils in the field. This does not mean that no

SWOT analysis of the two Hospitals

The Privacy Rule has provided a set of standards recognized nationally, that work to ensure that certain information related to health care is protected. The department of human services and health in the United States of America has issued a rule for privacy to ensure the implementation of HIPAA; the insurance portability and the Accountability