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Newborn Stage of Development

The newborn stage of development is the initial stage of development outside the mother’s womb and is a vital period for development. From birth to one month, children begin to build trust with parents and/or caregivers and their environment. It is essential for parents to know the typical developmental patterns of their newborns so that

Life in a Warm Climate Versus Life in a Cold Climate

There are many arguments on whether life in a warm climate is better than in the cold climate. Each of these climates has advantages and disadvantages. Life in a warm climate is better because it has a low-mortality rate, relaxed, beautiful, and cheaper. On the other hand, life in a cold climate is costly and

“Harlem Renaissance’s Impact on Today’s Music”

THESIS: To suppress their intentions and motives of seeking acceptance and approval blacks           sought to compete with the whites within the unpleasant environment, which led to           Harlem Renaissance’s moves to write, publish, and perform poetry; this resulted to           Harlem Renaissance’s immerse impact in developments of today’s music.     Development of Performance Poetry which

Ethics and the Conducting of Business

            If there is a value which is being considered as totally critical to the proper running of the corporate and the business sector, then it is business ethics. Simply put, business ethics refers to the code of behavior which a business organization or an enterprise must adhere to as it continues with its transactions

Homosexual Parenting Versus Child’s Development and Socialization

In my qualitative study the two central questions would be: How do the children adopted by homosexual parents describe their situations in these families? And, how does the adoption of children homosexual changes these children’s lives? My sub questions would include; how do the homosexuals justify their decision to adopt children? What are some of

Interrelationship Between the Media and Politics

There has been a debate over the interrelationship between the politics and media with different scholars giving different opinions. As much as some scholars strongly believe that media influences politics with others feeling that it is politics that has been of much influence on media, it is clear that the two affect and is affected

Plastic Surgery Today

Plastic surgery is an intrusive medical operation that is meant to alter a person’s facial and or body appearance. Plastic surgery alters the look and structure of a body part, mostly the face, breasts and buttocks among women. Today the numbers of those seeking and undergoing plastic surgery for purely cosmetic purposes is on a

Prominent Counter Arguments

Plastic surgery is important in some cases, but these cases are so rare and far spread that counting by the number of surgeries conducted in the US today, only less than 8% are objectively necessary. There are instances that children are born with lip anomalies or facial disinformation. Correcting such problem with plastic surgery is


Vitamin is also called sunshine vitamin as it can be synthesized by animals with the help of sunlight vitamin D maintains optimal levels of calcium and potassium in the body. This makes it essential for bone growth and repair vitamin D also strengthens the immune system and prevents secretion of parathyroid hormone. Synthesis of vitamin

Ideas on Avoiding Violence

This is a very interesting text presenting very interesting ideas on avoiding violence. The book, authored by a seasoned author David Albert, presents in a very clear and presentable way the theory of non violence. The author makes a lot of effort to show the enormous power possessed by people and how it ought to