The current world is complex and art reflects it in its fullest spectrum. It is a crucial part of social development in such countries as the United Kingdom. When a student from Great Britain needs to write a UK art essay, it is a good idea to read academic essays on art. Check out some GB art essay samples and create your own essay outline. Include an introductory paragraph, main body, and logical conclusion.

The 28th July: Liberty Leading the People

This painting was done in 1830 by a French painter named Eugene Delacroix who was inspired by the French Revolution. Its dimensions are 325 by 260 centimeters. The composition is dominated by the figure of liberty that appears to lead free people as they trample over corpses. The figure attracts attention. Her brilliantly colored flag

Photography and Realism

Photography and Realism Introduction Painting and Photography are similar in some ways, but are different in other ways. There are challenges, which are facing both. The professions for both the photography are lonely and solitary, since both can require only one person to complete it. The two are two-dimensional creation, and use both design and

Jackson Pollock (1912-1956)

Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) was a prominent American painter who facilitated pioneer the Abstract Expressionist movement post WWII art movement. Pollock’s style of painting is considered imperative, as well as exemplifying since it displays the inner emotions of the daily experiences of several individuals in the world. The artist says that the most incredible thing he

The Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh

The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh was painted in 1889, just a year before he died. Despite the oils in the painting possessing interpretations that can be termed to as mixed, there is one evident theme that Van Gogh brings out in this painting in relation to his vastness in communication. As noted by

Classical Revivals

The classical revival was a phase of taste and creativity that greatly influenced the arts and architecture in the Unites States and in Europe in the late 18th and early 19th century. An important building that was a result of the American classical revival is the Washington monument.   Neoclassicism refers to distinct and unique


Indeed, the world has witnessed a great deal of captivating works of art; and this being a testimony of the creativity and dynamism that characterise the human mind. This is to the effect that there would be no proper space and time for listing these works, if the painstaking effort is to be carried out.

Visual Analysis of Luca Giordano

The artwork The Crucifixion of St. Andrew (1650-1659) by Luca Giordano stands out among others with its dark colors and unusual scene of a crucified man. It could have gotten lost among the others, but the artist was able to create an ideal work through visual and formal characteristics. The most important thing is how

What is Art?

Art is not what the general notion believes, and as object that is now considered as art may not be considered as art when it was first conceived. Actually both the terms ‘art’ and ‘artist’ are two modern terms. There is no satisfying definition of art, but art is described in Britannica Online as something

The “Greats” of Art

Introduction No single definition comprehensively defines art. Art keeps on changing as time passes and human activities change, and this is modified to bring into existence products that best fit the specific period. Art can be defined as diverse array of human activities and the resulting creations from such activities (Hugh & Fleming, 2009). It

The Seven Elements of Art as Portrayed in Seurat’s Art Piece; Sunday on La Grande Jatte

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte The Art piece is called “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte and it was painted by Georges Seurat in 1884. The page number to find the painting of Sunday on La Grande Jatte is 455. The measurements of the paint are; 27 ¾ x 41in (70.5×104.1 cm) and it