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Chinese Version of the RPBS

Regarding the construction of the Chinese version of the RPBS, it appears that it had satisfactory reliability (Cronbach alpha = .88). The construct validity could be validated from the correlation matrix between the factors of the RPBS and PRS. The correlations that were significant reflected reasonable relationship between the factors from the two scales respectively

Personality Theories

Phenomenological personality theory. This theory is among the recent personality theories. The theory basically employees a phenomenological approach; which puts emphasis on personal drive as well as self perception which finally makes self actualization the personality determinant. This theory strongly holds that persons are naturally drawn towards creativity, goodness and love which make them to

Role of Personality

Role of personality in affecting situational behavior. To an infant another important aspect is adaptive patterns which greatly influence the child’s behavior. Psychologists have come to an agreement that an individual’s behavior is influenced largely by the environment and temperament. Environmental factors are simply referred to as nurture while those of temperament nature. Another factor

Rana Plaza Collapse and Absolute Morality

In a globalized economy, ethical problems are becoming more acute and subtle. International sweatshops or plants of multinational companies like Nike and Levi-Strauss, who regard their brand reputation a core asset, have become a matter for public debate, in terms of the ethics induced in economic processes. Critics of sweatshops argue for a development of

Population Health and the Environment

The environment affects human population in various ways. Numerous researchers have extensively studied the relationship between the environment and human health. Thus, they have proven that the environment normally contains various risks that affect the human population and its health (Nelson & Williams, 2013). These effects may be experienced either directly by exposing the population

IRB Application

DNP stands for Doctor of Nursing Practice. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) defines DNP as the final academic degree of the nursing profession (Feldman, 2012). The motive of this paper is to evaluate the controversy between the skills of MSN and DNP. To start with, it is important to describe the difference

Diabetes and Drug Treatments

Diabetes is a condition where a patient has high levels of sugar in blood. This may be because the patient has inadequate production of insulin or as a result of failure of body parts to respond efficiently to insulin available. Some of the symptoms of diabetes include frequent urination, feelings of thirst and hunger. The

Application Discussion

Improving the quality of life before death is important. People suffer when their parent or even a loved one is in a condition that will lead to death. In such a situation, people will always want to ensure that they ease their pain both physically and emotionally; they would also want to allow their family

Creating a Flowchart

The role of a workflow analysis is to control workflow configurations that exploit the real use of assets. The analysis also helps to reduce actions that do not enhance the value of an action. Analysis of the workflow of processes uses different tools (Capuano et al, 1997). The tools help to identify prospects for reducing

Application for a Job

Date   Name Designation Company’s Name Address     Dear Sir or Madam:   I would like to take this opportunity to apply for the position of <job title> in your organisation. I came to know of the opening from <the name of the website>. I am very much interested in the profile of the