In my qualitative study the two central questions would be: How do the children adopted by homosexual parents describe their situations in these families? And, how does the adoption of children homosexual changes these children’s lives? My sub questions would include; how do the homosexuals justify their decision to adopt children? What are some of the reasons given to justify adoption of children? In what ways do you thin adoption may affect the child’s socialization process? In what ways can a child’s development process be affected by being adopted by homosexual parents? Why do you think this practice is increasingly being accepted in the society? Given a chance what advice would you give to the policy makers as a measure to stopping this vice?

Quiz 2.

The descriptive questions are the questions that seek to answer “what is” . For the quantitative study the descriptive questions would include: What is your opinion on the issue of child adoption by same sex parents? How has the perception of child adoption by homosexuals changed in the society over the years? What observable changes in behavior would likely occur in children adopted by same sex parents? In what ways can the status of the homosexual parents affect the behavior of the adopted child/children?

Quiz 3.

The inferential questions are those seeking to determine the cause and effect . The questions will include: To what extent do you think a child’s socialization process would be affected by being brought up by homosexual parents? Does homosexual parenting relates to a child’s development process? Does the adoption of children by homosexual parents relates to the behavior of adopted the children?

Quiz 4.

The study had hypothesized that there would be a significant different in the development of the children brought up by homosexuals to those brought up by mixed parents. The questions for my two phased sequential mixed project would therefore include: What disparity currently exist in the way the children in the homosexual families are brought up compared to the way in which their counterparts from mixed parent families are brought up? How has this disparity affected their development and socialization processes?