This is a research paper which seeks to shade more light on disability in Canada. The statement thesis of the paper is disability in Canada. Through this paper, the efforts being made by the government likewise the private sector in ensuring that people with disabilities are served well are brought to light. The paper in general brings out the big picture of disability in Canada. Clear real life examples are given in this paper to make the research clearer, real and to show the picture at the ground in a vivid manner. To achieve this, the research paper will exclusively make use of the literature review as the data collection method.  

Data has been collected by the use of primary and secondary literature sources. Care has been taken to ensure that the materials used in data collection can be relied on and that the information given therein is up to date and relevant to the topic of the research paper. An inclination has been made to use more of the government sources and well known organizations to ensure that the reliability of the data can be relied on. To ensure that policies discussed are not outdated, the sources used are not older than eight years. The next section will review the literature which has been collected.

This chapter will review the literature which has been collected and which is relevant to the topic of research.

Disability in Canada has always been in the limelight with both the government and the private sectors making continuous efforts to ensure disability does not disable the Canadians. These efforts are evidenced in the numerous policies which have been enacted to ensure that the disabled Canadians make their contributions to the society but above all that they are able to undertake their daily life activities in a normal way. All these efforts are quite significant as there is big need for the disabled people to be empowered (Puttee p. 50).

According to the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD), (2010), a good percent (14.3) of the Canadians are reported to be disabled. CCD (2010) claims that, Canadians with disability are twice likely to live in poverty than normal Canadians. CCD (2010) further claims that the disabled persons are face discrimination from the public sector: “They face exclusion from quality education, from employment and from participation in their communities” (CCD, 2010, par. 1). CCD (2010) aims to provide leadership on facing such challenges (CCD, 2010, par. 1).

Due to such facts as revealed by CCD (2010) the government has made concerted efforts to ensure that the challenges which face the disabled Canadians are addressed properly and that a level playground is set for them to lead a standard lifestyle just like any other Canadian who is not disabled.