The advantages of having a psychology degree are that it helps one to have a good interpersonal relationship with people from different backgrounds and different personalities. Success in most fields or jobs in most cases depends largely on the individual. As a worker, managing to be being successful when it comes to understanding people better and relating with them well requires that you be very psychoanalytic, and that’s what psychology trains people to be. A psychology degree helps one to start out with a keen interest in people and their behaviors. After all, the whole concept of understanding human behavior is one of the main goals of psychology. According to Weiner, I .et al. .As a holder of a psychology degree you get to know a lot about people and how to interact properly with them. Most employers value such characteristics.

The advantages of having a bachelors degree is that it gives you an upper hand over others who have only college diplomas ,and again one is able to have knowledge of more than just one are of psychology. A masters degree is advantageous in the sense that it narrows down to one particular are of study in psychology. According to Merrell, K. et al..A doctorate degree on the other hand involves bringing a contribution to the discipline and this is normally made possible by one carrying out a unique study on an area that no one else has investigated. It helps in bringing more insight and perspective to different areas of the discipline of psychology.

A holistic counseling approach relate to a therapeutic intervention in a number of ways, first holistic counseling is about helping individuals to basically acquire a state of mental, spiritual and psychological stability. This can also be taking a client through counseling and helping them to cope with stressful situations while therapeutic intervention involves basically using trained and practicing professionals to provide help to individuals for the sake of coping with specific problems and challenges in their lives.