Maladaptive behaviour is said to be a characteristic that is exhibited by a child that is not socially acceptable in nature. The reasons behind a child to portray such behaviours depend on a combination of how they view themselves, how they react to how they see themselves and lastly the amount of stress the situation might have to the child. Maladaptive behaviour is displayed through wanting to get attention, trying to seek power, revenge and lastly they display some inadequacies.

This maladaptive behaviour exhibited in children is said to be misbehaving. Attention seeking behaviours show that the child has an issue to do with his/her self esteem. This maladaptive behaviour of seeking attention is the most common portrayed behaviour. In this case, the child may deliberately decide to break the set rules or just get in trouble for no good reason. The negative attention received from the other party is what the child wants. At the end of the day, the child will have succeeded once this reaction is received. The other type of maladaptive behaviour is that of revenge. This is usually done with the intention of causing harm to another person. If a child exhibits this behaviour then they are just trying to look for compensation for what they might have lost to the other child. If the situation persists, it might end up being harmful to the child.

There are incidences where a child seeks attention from the authorities and as such end up misbehaving with an objective of driving a point home, they cannot be controlled. This kind of behaviour makes the child to see him/her as being above the law thus end up being disruptive. The first step towards solving maladaptive behaviour is to begin by understanding all the details of your life. After a busy day, ensure that the child relaxes adequately by listening to music, taking a nap, doing some exercises, visiting a park or museum. The second thing that one can do to solve a child’s maladaptive behaviour is by encouraging them to improve their efficiency in whatever they do. Additionally, they should concentrate on improving their interpersonal and problem solving skills. As a child, you must ensure that you acquire more knowledge by constantly reading so as to reduce the fear of the future. This will help you to maintain a youthful, stable and healthy state of mind.

There are other useful ways that one might recover from psychological problems, which may include:

Having little knowledge about health puts you in a position to do correct self evaluation besides enabling you understand what you need.

Take some time and learn useful life skills like tai chi, yoga and listening to music, watching a movie or playing your favourite sport.

Ensure you that you have a good sleep as it play a major role in reducing your anxiety levels.

Praise yourself whenever you do something good, for instance if you excel in class, congratulate yourself for the good work done.

Rotter’s came up with the interactionist theory that is basically based on five hypotheses.  First and foremost it says that human beings interact with their meaningful environments. This means that human behaviour originates from the interactions that an individual has with both personal and environmental factors.  The second thing we learn from this theory is that the personality of a human being is learned. This means that a person’s personality can be modified or changed at some time during his life for as long as they are willing to learn. The third aspect is that personality has a basic unity which suggests that personality is stable.