The influence of the media is growing on daily basis. This is brought by the competition that has grown in the newspaper, magazines, cinema and television that forces the media to develop new ways of getting people’s attention. This has increased the speed at which news are transmitted across the world especially through the emergence of internet technology (Anderson, p.85). This makes it possible for the media to be effective in influencing, many people at a very short time and cost effectively.

Due to the effectiveness that the media has brought in recent time, viewers has been affected very much especially on their lifestyle. This includes leisure. Mostly of the people, spend their leisure time watching their interesting program, chanting over the Face book, twitters as well as reading their favorite scripts on the paper. Therefore, leisure type has turned to be very inactive through media influence.

Glooming style that include clothing, hair making style of walking has much been changed by the media to the viewers (Anderson, p.98). Most of the viewers will gloom as their favorite celebrities. This will involve the method of talking where viewers imitate what they get over the media. Severally, one will hear that somebody died when he was trying to act as one of his/her favorite character.

Media has been used to inflict hatred or passion towards a thing or an event that turns some of the viewers to be obsessed over it. For example, viewers will love a certain soccer team in Europe to the level of killing each other due to argument rising over it. nevertheless the media has been used as a source of information, either medical, educational, social and economical which has change the viewers to be sensible towards these areas (Anderson, pg 106). This has enabled to bring about an informed society and a better life to most of the families.