Despite the fact that killing human beings is not rare nowadays, the world spends much time, money and effort on the invention of new weapons of mass destruction, and more and more men and women are willing to own guns. This tendency seems alarming, and the only possible way to stop it would be to make people understand that possessing weapon is equal to the intention of a murder, for there is no use of making and having a product which one will never use.

There are many reasons why people want to have guns, but the main argument is that weapons make their owners feel safer. Therefore, if, for example, a burglar breaks into a house and attacks its dwellers, they can protect themselves by using their weapon. In this case, self-defense is an excuse for a murder. However, one can never be absolutely sure whether this self-defense was really necessary, or the fact of having a gun influenced the decision to kill the criminal. So, in this situation, one could presume that if the dwellers did not have the gun, no one would die.

Apart from allowing its citizens possess personal guns, many countries also have more serious weapons of mass-destruction, such as bombs. Such policy is also considered to be a means of protection. Countries spend big money on the development and stockpile of nuclear, biological and other powerful weapons in order to save their people from terrorism and wars. However, no terrorist act or war can happen if there are no weapons available. Moreover, the use of such dangerous weapons means killing hundreds of innocent people and does considerable harm to whole nations.

In conclusion, instead of developing different weapon policies, people could dedicate more time and finances to programs which help bring delinquents to the mainstream society, thus decrease crime rate. Obviously, using weapons does not secure people from crimes, while not having them would save many people’s lives.