Obama’s inaugural speech could go in to the books of history as the best speech for the ages if he could meet his promises as he eloquently said them. In his inspirational inaugural speech, he called upon on all Americans to accept a new era of accountability and to work with selflessness and courage so as to steer America through its financial crisis and back to a place of leadership. Obama was sworn in as the forty fourth President of the United States and in his speech he encouraged the American people to pick themselves up, and start on the work of rebuilding America.

He told the American people to adopt a sense of sacrifice that was portrayed by early pioneers, slaves and immigrants in their efforts to build America. This implied that it was ultimately the determination and the faith of the people upon which the country lied and not to solely rely upon the government efforts. He reaffirmed the American faith that although the challenges that they face may be new, the way with which they face them may also be new, but the values which the successes are based upon are old and have been the silent force behind the progress in history and they should return to these truths. Every American should gladly seize duties to the world, nation and themselves firmly, with the spirit that there is nothing better satisfying than giving our best to difficult tasks. As he eloquently puts it, “This is the promise and the price of citizenship.”

Mr. Barack also reached out to the external world and assured a more comprehensive foreign policy. He demonstrated this by saying that Iraq will be left to its people and forge peace in Afghanistan and also invited foes and friends to minimize the threat of nuclear weapons and global warming. He pledged to support the poor nations to curb the effects of drought and that America can no longer allow suffering outside its borders nor can it take up the world resources without considering its effect.