Novels and stories have always been made with the same prospective which is to educate the readers appropriately. If we look prudently, then we will find that every novel and reading will teach something to us. The main prospective of this study is not to pen down the indispensability and effectiveness of a novel or a story, but we are here to write a comparison and contrast analysis of the story of Cinderella.  The two different writers which we have chosen on which our entire study will be based on are Jakob and Wilhelm GRIMM and Charles Perrault. Both these writers have written the story of Cinderella, but both these authors have pointed out a different prospective of the story and molded a totally different conclusion in the end but the theme of both the papers is same but shaping the story is different. We will see how they are similar and how they differ with each other in a little while. First we want to describe something about both these authors and then shift our gears towards the main mantra of this paper.

First we will discuss about the Charles Perrault, He was a French author who was born on 12 Jan 1968 (Charles Perrault, 1697). He was the one, who laid foundations for a new literary genre, fairy tale and other comic stories. He was well known for his devoted works in the field of the fairy tale and literary genre. He also wrote the story of Cinderella but in a different manner.

The second writer is Jakob Ludwig Karl Grimm and his brother Wilhelm Karl Grimm were born in Hanau in 1785 and 1786, respectively during the years 1812 to 1815; the brothers produced the essential parts of their world famous collection of fairy tales.

Now we are all set to put forward a comparison and contrast analysis, let’s do it (Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, 1857).

If we see both the stories Ashputtle and Cinderella then we will surely get to know that both these stories were written by consider the same thing. In both the stories, the cruel of the step mother and step siblings were duly highlighted. The step mother and siblings of Cinderella did so many cruel on Cinderella. From the study, it has been a consensus that both the stories have elaborated that Cinderella was a loving, polite and kind hearted girl. Jakob Grimm has elaborated that, it was Cinderella’s mother who gave her everything like the beautiful dresses and bangles. On the contrary, Charles wrote that it was the grandmother’s prayer who lofted over Cinderella to reward her with great beauty and beautiful clothes. Both the writers have the same intentions on the kind and polite behavior of the father of Cinderella. He was a generous man who looks at every daughter of his with a single justified eye.

The thoughts of the two writers were also same in the sense that Cinderella loved her mother a lot and after her death, she got alone. In the end, the thoughts of both the writers were as well same over the activity performed by the prince to found Cinderella with the help of her sandal. The prince was so handsome, as the step sisters of Cinderella also wanted to marry with him, but he wanted to find the girl who left her sandal in his enclave. Every single girl had worn that sandal, but it was not fitting on anyone’s foot, but when it had been put in the foot of Cinderella, it got fit and that was the time, the price found his princess. The story of Cinderella is so interesting, every writer has put forward the story in his manner but the main theme cannot be changed either.