Gathering home is a story about an adopted girl Whitney. Cal is her adoptive father, which gave her a new life and provides her every thing she wants. Whitney always tries to find her real parent. When she got eighteen, Cal ran away to take a seat at liberal party. Cal completely forgot about her family, friends and especially about her daughter.

Sam the real father of Whitney, a cartoonist in New York. When Cal tries to refuse her daughter, Whitney looks forward in search of her real father, and wrote him a letter. Sam found the latter and became so happy to find her girl back. Whitney with the help of her adoptive father’s campaign manager, reached to her real father and particularly to her grandmother. This makes her so happy, that she found her love of life, real parents and especially her grandmother.

This study is about the two father of Whitney, Cal and Sam. Both after the birth of the girl lost her at once, as the Sam lost her after her birth, and Cal lost her after her eighteen. If we take an ethical tour of both characters both loves the Whitney very much. But Cal greediness makes him away from her girl and Whitney goes to her real father.

Cal is supposed to be greedy and covetous of success. He left his every thing before to become a liberal party person. When he hear the news that the party is going to announce him the leading member of the party, he left his family and friends beyond his path and make a forward note to become a liberal party influential person. If we look at the character of Cal with ethical perception, we found a dark side of a person running before success. He could even ruin his family closeness and destroyed his happy family life. The worst thing about Cal is that, for who he is working very hard for i.e. his adopted daughter has left him, just because of ignorance of her farther sight.

On the other hand Sam the real father of the Whitney, after receiving the letter of daughter he feels that his life is now complete as he got his daughter back. He welcomed his daughter with opened arms and rejoiced with her. Sam is supposed to be a poor man as comparison with Cal. But he has a good heart, so he accepted his daughter with great love and pleasure. Sam is a father, which generates a good example of parental ethics at high level, as he hailed for her daughter, when she wants to come back.

In our perspective, Cal made a big mistake, that he refuses the real love of her daughter for finding success. On the other hand, Sam is a good father, as he welcomed her daughter with open arms and cherished her daughter with great anticipation and love. All in one, Sam in opposition to Cal is a good father and a perfect example of parental ethics.