There is need to have strict laws for anyone who wants to get a gun. Anyone who has been convicted with a case related to crime or misuse of the gun, and then he should not be allowed to own a gun. In case somebody wants to own a gun, he should undergo a complete check of his background, take a course on the appropriate use of the gun and at least pass that test to show that he is capable of using that equipment. In order to reduce the number of criminal cases and gun violence in the society, there is need of taking appropriate measures on the use of those weapons. Gun control measures must be put in place so as to ensure the arms or guns do not get into wrong hands in the society. Not everybody in the society should have a right to own a gun in the society; this will definitely reduce the guns from getting into the wrong hands.

In order to control and reduce the incidences that occur due to the misuse of guns, there is only one sure way to accomplish that, the putting across of strict measures will ensure that the guns are never misused. If the gun control can be put in place, then the incidences of inappropriate use of the gun can be reduced. The gun control will become a solution to nationwide problem that is facing many nations and states. This is because the number of guns in the hands of civilians is drastically reduced; this automatically means that the problems associated with improper use of the gun especially by teenagers is reduced. The increased mass murders in the society have been caused by increased number of guns in the society, this mainly due to lose control laws that have been put in place (Larry, 2008).

There is group of people who should be prohibited from owning the guns. They include those people who have at one time been convicted in courts, any person who has been or is a fugitive to justice. It is also important to prohibit someone who has been in use or is addicted to any substance that is controlled by law. All gun dealers should be eliminated at all cost, the guns should not be allowed to be sold anyhow, but the government should control and look at this process instead. No one has the mandate to sell the gun to the citizens or public without permission and close supervision from the government. Tough measures should be taken on any person who uses the gun inappropriately; he should also have his gun withdrawn from him with immediate effect. Unless gun control is taken into consideration, then the crime incidences are not likely to reduce very soon. The gun control measures should be taken into account so as to assist the society from the menace or havoc caused by the guns being in the hands of the people.