Following the amendment of the state laws, carrying a loaded gun is nolonger   prohibited. Any citizen is now at liberty to carry the weapon in his or her car while travelling for their personal safety. The law makers arrived at this particular conclusion after discussing at length the ways in which the high level of insecurity in the country can be reduced. This followed the several reports from the media of a number of cars which have been hijacked and their owners murdered. Therefore, one is allowed to be armed mainly for security purposes. The use of the gun is only legalized when one is attacked by thugs and is trying to defend his or her life.

                  On the other hand, the same law prohibits parking the car carrying the loaded gun both in public and private parking lots. The lawmakers argue that the presence of the gun in the car may lead to insecurity in the area. This can occur especially when somebody else gets hold of the weapon. Thieves or children may take the gun causing danger in the entire compound.

            Similarly, it is morally wrong to do the same in another person’s parking lot without making him aware and even asking him for permission in the first place. This can lead to a serious conflict between the car’s owner and the lot’s owner. Hence, the best procedure is first seeking the owner’s permission before going ahead and parking the car. However, it is morally acceptable to carry the weapon and use it defend one’s life while in danger.

                Therefore, I can conclude that owning a gun is not only a legal right but also a moral right on condition that all the requirements of the law are obeyed and the rights of the others are not interfered with while doing so.