Tornado is an aggressively revolving pillar of air spreading from within a thundercloud down to ground levels. The powerful tornadoes may arc houses from their ground, wipe out Brock buildings, throw cars and school buses through the air and even lift railroad cars from their tracks. The rainstorm that technologically advanced in warm, moist air in advance of eastward moving cold fronts causes tornado. These rainstorms often yield large barrage, strong winds and tornadoes. It affects both people and the environment. Tornadoes can harm or demolish property and kill or hurt people and their animals. It also destroys trees and other vegetation that are on the ground (Allay 56).

If a friend has experienced a tornado in his life, he needs help from the people around him also the government. I will provide him with a place to settle for some time as he tries to recover. I will also provide him with food and clothes. The affected person needs a lot of counseling.  I will try to interact with him in order to know what he is feeling now.  I will donate some money to him and assist him to look for his family members. If he is much affected and counseling from a doctor, I will encourage him to attend to his doctor and cater for all his bills. My friend will be under my care and my family will treat him like one of us, and anything he will need at the moment will be provided.  Through my effort, I will try to relocate him, rebuilt a house for him and his family. Any other type of assistance that needed I will provide (Grazulis 90).

The following are signs that you may observed from a person who has experienced a tornado. One may claim that, he is feeling bodily and emotionally weak. The affected person shows some difficulties in making choices and he is unable to stay focused in life. Some people become easily discouraged on a regular basis and feel as if there is no confidence in their life again. They have a propensity of auguring with their family members and friends. They point fingers to one other and blaming each other for the loss and the help.  One may claim to be exhausted, unhappy, deserted or concerned. These people experience deviations in their life, like different hunger and poor sleeping customs. These changes can prolong to other condition such us anorexia and lusomia (Orme and Orme128).

Many environmental dangers such as tornadoes are inevitable. However, precaution can be taken to diminish their collision. My suggestion to the affected friend by the tornado is that, he should not feel as if he is cursed. This is only a natural tragedy, which, can occur to anyone at any time. He should understand that, everyone is harassed and may need some time to put his emotional, unhappy thoughts in order. He should know the family members are the only people who are close to him and if, he needs any help, it will be provided thus they should support each other and live as one.

He should also be given enough time to have relaxation, consume healthful diet and have the necessary maintenance for his protection. The administration should also come up with some instruments and raise movements on how to deal with such misfortune when they occur. This will prevent defamation from other nations and to fellow citizens. The people should also listen to the ideas and take the precautions that are given by the investigator about the tornado.