The constant worsening of environmental conditions has lead to some discussions on how it is important to protect it, and what impact the safe environment bring for to the society, business, and individuals. The future of the environmental conditions is not less arguable. Hence, it pushes the investigators to evaluate and forecast the future of the environment: it will get worse and worse due to the human activity.

The polluted environment may lead to the negative issues. Therefore, the society as well as its essential part — individuals — have to be aware of them. It means that the environment is directly proportional to the society’s state of health (Nakaya, 2006). This, in its turn, leads to the better quality of life and economic growth. Several factors, which are under the constant influence of the environment, determine the economic growth (Hollar, 2012). One of them is the active workforce that can produce the services and products, hence, bring the financial benefits. Another compound is the resources that are expected to be used in manufacturing the products and goods. The better quality of raw material is, the higher incomes can be received. Thus, the essential agents of human activity, society, business, and individuals are closely connected with the environmental conditions. Their direct responsibility is active participation in its preservation (Gantt & Schnepp, 2009). Regardless the fact of its priority on the Earth, Nakaya (2006) has a conviction that a human being is the only agent that destroys its milieu of living. Therefore, it will result in the constant worsening of the human health and quality of life. In other words, a man ruins the things his or her life is directly dependable on.

The future of the Earth is difficult to forecast for certain. However, regarding the current issues and problems the humankind has already faced, it is easy to claim that the constant worsening of the conditions and state of environment will be noticed. It will happen due to the large flow of the resources wasted to sustain the lifestyle people got used to. If the necessary changes do not happen, and people do not understand what they have done to the environment, they will not be able to survive in it.