All the things that Apple Company takes into consideration with the outside developers are the admission price for their application program, which is rather straightforward. They ask for $99 for basic access to the software development kit (SDK). The Apple Company ditched out this unpopular disclosure requirement on October 2010.

Therefore, after preparing the application to completion and ready for launch, the approval part is done which is much faster. As it was said by the apple spokesperson Simon Pope, application is submitted to the store for review that is done within a period of seven days.

The other part where there s a great problem is the marketing part. Marketing is done to ensure that the application is noticed by the legions of passionate Apple users. Due to competition, the cost of apple application has been driven to $ 1.99 or less according to that is an independent site about iPhone apps with good marketing 101 sections. Therefore, for the application to make money, customer must have access to it, love it and be able to down load it.

The conditions and registration for your app to be sold in the Apple app store

Firstly, the application must be of good quality. According on the vice president of the EA mobile Adam Sussman, “it takes making a great game, but that is just one element.”  However, the apple store has a lot of competition, therefore, good strategy to build excitement for the application will be necessary.

To get the application in the Apple stores, one has to ensure that it passed through different reviewing sites that have sprung up to chronicle All Things apps like Appscount. 

The Financial requirements and fees including apple’s cut

A good application is capable of moving 300,000 units within the first three months. Therefore, at a cost of $1.99 per unit, that is almost $ 600,000. Apple usually has a cut of 30%. However, if the product is produced for shoestring upfront investment, that is still a lot of upside according to Bradshaw.

Procedures on updating your app to the Apple app store

One is required to go to the program portal and make sure, that the developer certificate us up to date. This certificate takes six months ago. Therefore, if one has not requested for the issue, one cannot update the apps. 

One is required to open Xcode project and check that SDK is set active to one of their device choices. Then, ensure that build configuration is chosen that uses distribution certificate. Check by double clicking the target in the groups and files column that is on the left part of the window. This will make the window target info to open. Afterward, click the build tab and review the code signing identity.

One may also like to confirm application identifier on the properties tab. Therefore, the identifier should be set properly when debugging with the developer certificate so it is good to check.

The top left project window confirms the setting and configurations. This shows that SDK and configuration is active. If the settings are correct and the upload is not finished properly, clean the builds and build again.

Time and money taken to develop an app for the Apple app store

If it is local, basic and easy to use app that has straightforward functionality, one is capable of spending $5,000 to $10,000. With this amount, one will get what is getting right and will help in getting entire process done. However, for a complicated program, this will range between $15,000 to $30,000. The number of days to use in this application will depend on one speed. However, a good range of 20-40 hrs for simple applications can be used.