Management refers working with human, financial and also the available physical resources in order to achieve the objectives of an organization through application of the four functions of management; planning, organizing, leading and finally controlling. In every type of organization there must be management. It is the role of all managers to ensure that they perform some of the organization’s basic functions in order to maintain the smooth running of the business. The idea behind management is facilitation of those working towards realization of the common goals. The idea is several goals ought to satisfy the organization a whole. For example what one should have in mind is that hey should strive to make profit and at the same time make their customers happy.

Any manager should strive hard in order to ensure that the objectives of the organization are reached. Apparently the objectives can range just from promotion of the current employees up to changing a function one’s business operates. It remains to be an obligation to the management to assist in evaluation of the various objectives and keeping them in balance. There exists a couple of opposing views that operate in any organization thus it is quite imperative to remain as reasonable as possible with regard to all groups. The various that are bound to be in a competition are employees, consumers and then the government regulation. It is thus important to find a way in order to balance various requirements while still realizing that not all can be made happy.

 Question 2

Being a C.E.O of an organization grants ones various roles considering that the C.E.O is the overall head. The C.E.O can apply the four roles of management and this would help in making the organization get close to or even realizing its goals.


Planning entails looking forward and also development of things in advance. A good example of a common planning tool is a budget. It is quite instrumental when it comes to allowing a given company to best be in a position to plan for a particular method of spending finance and also highlighting the areas facing difficulties in terms of spending much cash. It is also the management’s obligation to make plans and also formulate firm and constant decisions. It however of how sometimes it might prove quite hard to plan, but it tends to be quite sensible and it provides a good focus in any given business.


The basics entailed here are consideration of the resources and also the activities required. It remains the manager’s obligation to assign various responsibilities to respective employees and giving them the necessary authority to accomplish tasks. A good manager who successfully assigns responsibilities to employees ensures that each one of the workers has adequate jobs to handle, day to day obligations are reasonably and well spread to all workers and every job gets done. One major characteristic of a potential C.E.O is that they can delegate some work to other employees, a strategy to decrease their given own lots of work they are required to handle. Work that is more general is delegated and apparently no one else is entitled to handling the same when in a management position (Bessie L. Marquis, 2008).


Influencing can be done in a couple of ways. Influencing can be done through living up to the very standards that are expected from employees, promotion of those employees who do good work and awarding of those employees who reach particular set goals. Influencing entails providing a path and the required motivation in order to get things done perfectly as per the requirements. 


Controlling includes devising certain ways that ascertain that particular plans are being achieved. Being a C.E.O requires one to constantly check on things for themselves in order to ensure that correct measures are being taken. The employee personal values require fitting when fixed into the organization’s values. The administrative work, the likes of paper work and policies, need to be kept up with. A C.E.O ought to ensure total control of the business by being the leader, figurehead and also liaison at the same time.  

Question 3

In football, when drawing up one’s plan, it is worth noting that the first thing to consider is determination of what it takes to beat one’s toughest opponent and this is planning. In organizing, the coach starts by recruiting players. The other thing is finding out when people can easily make it, time and day and finally get their given commitments. For a well organized team, a couple of weeks notice may prove quite imperative. In influencing, it remains the coach’s responsibility to motivate, inspire and also encourage. In this way the coach tends to influence the players as they play in mind that the coach expects them to show the agreed upon results hence influencing their mode of playing. In controlling, coaching football deals with quite many different personalities and each and every player is different from the others. The entire team players have to be controlled in a manner that it suits all. Actually the general act of ruling the team and being the one to deliver playing tactics and advice to all players is what can be referred to as controlling.  

Question 4

Planning in volunteering includes well defined goals and activities that have to be dealt with in a given period of time. A volunteer will have to settle and think of the places that they will have to visit before the end of the day and actually this is what one can refer to as planning. When it is a question of organizing, volunteers to carry with them some items that may be will have to be given to the intended group of people. They organize or rather compile so they will have all that ought to be taken may be to the unfortunate or even assisting in a church. In influencing, a volunteer can influence in many ways. First, the act of being a volunteer greatly influences others who have the potential to assist in that they feel it their obligation to carry out services without payment as this shows honesty and that one is not guided by the love for money. Controlling in volunteering occurs when the non-volunteers change their given ways and join the volunteering services having been influenced. In this particular way the former volunteers have controlled the lives and the ways of living of those people who gain interest and join other volunteers.