Having spent most of my vacation time in Ney York, I decided to pay a visit to the famous Albright-Knox Gallery. Situated in the Buffalo region of New York, this rather big museum has in its collection very diversified pieces of art work that cut throughout the various generations of time i.e. touches on wide range of issues from time immemorial to the contemporary issues of the world as it is today. Being the first time, my visit to this stature of grandeur gave a whole new sense to my understanding of different issues through pieces of art. It seemed like the whole world was spectacularly shaping up into an arena of diverse processes as depicted from the collection of art work. The atmosphere within and around this facility is a pointer as to what the gallery itself possesses. The ambiance is very cool and inviting to any person who has chances of paying a visit.  This ‘inviting’ atmosphere creates a sense of comfort in the tourist. The comfort and the ambiance found in this region fuse in an intricate fashion to bring out a relaxed mood. This helps the visitor to read and try to make predictions of the art work in relation to the events of time with much ease. Something that is particularly interesting is that direct observation of these artistic pieces of art creates a clearer understanding than when sourced from secondary sources of information such as books or from online sources.

            Viewing pieces of art from a gallery presents a firsthand source of information. This helps the viewer to create his or her own conclusions as pertains to the art work. Secondary sources of information would easily expose the learner to prejudice and bias of the author as people would develop different notions on a common thing. These divergent views would therefore lead to secondary sources being at very high odds of extrapolating the personal ideas of the author rather than the accepted facts.

            Since there were varied collections of art work it took me quite a long time to run through most of them with the help of tour guides. However, there was this particular work that caught my attention. For various reasons, I found it quite interesting and kind of unique. This is the Video sphere: A new generation piece of painting that is presented as a collective effort of various artists.

Title: Video sphere: A New Generation

Medium: C-print

Size: 39 x 40 x 8 inches (99.1 x 101.6 x 20.3 cm).

Date: Friday, July 1–Sunday, October 9, 2011

Artist: Various

This artwork stands out as a very interesting piece of collection. The various artists whose works feature in this interesting art work manage to create a new generational video sphere that exquisitely creates a top notch artistic collection. It also articulates the creation of a new class of media artists in the world of today. Being a product of combined effort work from varied artists both pioneering and making their entrance into the field of artistry for their first times, it mirrors the creativity that is one of the key components needed in the field of art work. For this piece of genius work, the artists manage to create the first ever exhibition of new and efficient media whose success is seen in the sense that previous results have flopped.

            The composition is an intricate fusion of high tech filming; artistic painting and computer generated animations together with a special approach and well choreographed imagery. The result is definitely breath taking in every sense such that it strikes a balance between the real world and the virtual side. The artists manage to bring out a high aesthetic appeal in their painting through the very high and well organized mix of color, technology and a tinge of magic. This high sense of aesthetic appeal manages to bring out a relaxed mood in the viewers helping them to understand in a deeper way the picture’s subject. The artists are trying to bring to the fore the relative strengths of proper fusion of different aspects of artistic work in the form of a single new media creation. They are also trying to explain the importance of technological creativity through artistic pictorials that subsequently improve the general understanding of the concept of paint works. I like it because it manages to clearly fuse works of various artists in an intricate fashion thereby exhibiting professionalism as well as maintaining a proper meaning. This piece of art work also manages to retain an outstanding aesthetically appealing outcome despite the variations in its constituent art works.

            Despite the numerous outstanding collections in the gallery, I also came across a rather non convincing piece of art. This is the SANGHA: An Installation by Kathryn Walker.

Title: SANGHA: An Installation by Kathryn Walker.

Medium: C-print

Size: 43 x 53 1/8 inches (109.2 x 134.9 cm).

Date: Friday, July 22–Sunday, September 25, 2011

Artist: Kathryn Walker

            The subject of these art works is the representation of the diversity that characterizes our day to day communities. It expounds on the community and its formation through the artistic collections that one Kathryn Walker has managed to make. This piece of work is presented as an ambitious outcome of the tireless efforts of an artist in the realization of a dream to create a community. This implies that these artistic pieces of work tend to speak volumes in as far as unity attainment and diversification is concerned. Apart from that, these works according to Walker herself aim at preserving heritage that various communities so fight so hard to maintain. This is because she portrays them as emblems of achievements already made, the hope that most communities nurse and the losses that would be incurred. The artworks are very elementary. By this I mean that, very basic processes of collection and presentation have been applied in the creation of these pieces of work.

            However, based on the nature of the various communities in the present world different levels of modification have been made to the pots to reflect this aspect. Their existence is therefore considered to represent large spans of time cutting through various diversities. The mood that is created by these pictures however is rather less vibrant and lacks the diversification that under lies their existence. I can therefore say that they create dull moods that lack the basic aesthetic appeal that most artwork would have. The artist’s message to the viewer is that no matter how diversified communities would be, single artistic representations can still be derived to unify them. Despite all this unique artistry, and the major reasons behind their collection, I particularly found it wanting in as far as aesthetic appeal is concerned. This piece of work does not bring out the aesthetical aspect that is so expected from it considering diversification is a process that should be more vibrant in as far as coloring is concerned.