Different scholars have come up with different definitions of art. Any definition of art oversimplifies the matter, but all those that have evolved over the centuries contain some notion of human agency through manual skills such as the art of sailing, photography or painting. The definitions also include some notions of intellectual manipulation like the art of politics, personal or public expressions such as the art of conversation. There are many classes of objects, activities and ideas that are considered special or separate in some way. One of the common definitions of art is that it is the application or expression of human imagination and creative skills in visual forms like sculptures and painting among others.

There are things that can be classified as art while others are not art. Taking examples of three objects, the first one a famous painting known as “The Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci, the second one a mobile phone and the third one a jeans trouser, they can be classified as either an art or not. The first object is a portrait done by one of the most renowned artists and it can be classified as an art. He was able to use his imagination to come up with an attractive painting without copying from anyone. He was able to convert his imagination through manual skills into a painting. The second object is a mobile phone which can be termed as not art. The main reason is that making a mobile phone is a combination of different ideas from different people. There is no certain person who can be associated with the invention of a cell phone since it is a combination of various ideas. There is some aspect of intellectual manipulation in the manufacture of a mobile phone, but from different intellectuals across the world. The third object is a jeans trouser that cannot be classified as an art. Since time in memorial, clothes have been made, and jeans trouser can be considered as a revolution in the clothing industry.

People have different views of what they consider as art depending on how they understand it. There is no definite classification of objects as ether being an art or not hence the classification above may not be exact.