An essay is a thing which comprises on three basic things, which are predominantly, introduction, body and then the conclusion. An essay which conduces on these three factors appropriately is referred as the quality written essay.

The main thing which is being gauged while evaluating the quality of an essay is the involvement of the writer in it, which shows his interest regarding the topic. 

A quality essay should be influential and though provoking, which provides all the sufficient knowledge regarding the topic.

The main prospective of this study is quite straightforward, as we want to first under pinning the sources of Wikipedia and its authenticity and in the second part we will pen down some strategies to writer effective and influential papers. The best thing which has been gauged while writing an essay is the authenticity of its references.

Wikipedia has been known as one of the most reliable source to accumulate the data. Some authors are totally against with this stance, as per them Wikipedia is not the authentic source at all. Stacy Schiff in her article “Can Wikipedia conquer Expertise” mentioned that the sources, used by Wikipedia are generally websites and articles not the books and any concrete material, so rely on the matter of Wikipedia might not work properly for a person. As I have just mentioned that the sources of accumulating the data should be concrete, sound and authentic enough that you can trust on them with the blind eye.

It has been estimated that the service industry gains a massive amount of appreciation from past few decades. According to the statistics, the service industry now becomes an integral part of the overall country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). An enormous number of service industries were being established, which provide diversified services to their customers. Writing industry is one of those industries which gain a severe positive reception because of their devoted work which their writers perform with a great amount of professionalism and due diligence. Writers are the backbone of the writing industry.

Basically writing is an art, and inevitably not every person becomes a master of it. In my view, writing skills can not be developed, if one doesn’t have from his birth but it can be enhance with the passage of time (Gail, E, Tompkins, 2000).