Role of personality in affecting situational behavior. To an infant another important aspect is adaptive patterns which greatly influence the child’s behavior. Psychologists have come to an agreement that an individual’s behavior is influenced largely by the environment and temperament. Environmental factors are simply referred to as nurture while those of temperament nature. Another factor that is considered to be of paramount importance to behavior development in infant is parenting. This is because a parent is able to monitor a child’s response on different issues and in return influence it accordingly. There have been ongoing debates on situation and personality in that people tend to behave differently depending on the situation or circumstances that they find themselves in. those who are in agreement with situation proposes that the situation that one finds himself determines the set of behavior that will be expressed at that moment (Weiten, 2008).

On the other hand personality view focuses on the fact that behavior is depended on the personality that one holds and for these reasons there is no variation in character no matter the prevailing circumstances. The conclusion that was made basing on the research that was done conducted indicated that there is little relationship between personality and behavior. For this reason personality plays a very minimal role and it cannot therefore be of great use in explaining variation in the behavior of persons. It’s also important to realize that character changes comes in as a result of the different prevailing circumstances as opposed to the characters that one strongly holds to. On addition to that different traits and situations work together to influence the behavior that one exhibits. This is the same as the role played by environment and temperament in development of behavior in children. On the other hand traits and personal perspective of things are very simple to be able to define an individual’s behavior.

The paper has basically dealt with a number of theories that tries to explain individual personality. There are recent theories like behaviorist which was introduced in the twentieth century as well as some theories of olden Hippocrates day that are considered to be too simple to explain development of behavior that takes place in real life. Behavior is a complex character that best explains individual personality which happens to be unique in every single person. People are basically different and they behave uniquely basing on the developed characteristics. Behavior tends to vary depending on the underlying circumstances and the determinant of the variation that occurs in human behavior is not well known (Weiten, 2008).