Pablo Picasso is a renowned artist in the modern times. Although the populace may not always revere his work, he undoubtedly has an immense sense of aesthetics. One of his paintings, the Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, has drawn a lot of attention from analysts of visual arts. The painting, which literally describes the young women of Avignon, is a great piece of art work. This essay seeks to describe the artwork in the writer’s own words, analyze the formal aspects of the work and finally offers an interpretation of the art. Through the art work, Picasso represents the realities of life that derail people from their goals.


The Les Demoiselles d’Avignon is a great piece of art that describes the society in which the artist lived. This is evident in the very subject matter. It represents a group of sluts surrounding a sailor. They are perhaps interrupted by a student who enters the space carrying some stationery. The images are of real people with real careers such as sailing professional, student of medicine and commercial sex workers. The form is fairly manifested by showing the breasts, as well as the other parts of the body. The painting is done on canvas. The artist used modern style representing impressionism.

The artist presents formal aspects of the work in an orderly manner. Moreover, there are both aspects of chaos and unification. The chaos is brought about by the medical student and his book while unification is achieved through the nudity of the prostitutes. The work presents a great deal of balance. This is because there are three people on each side while the sailor is at the middle. On the whole, the mood of the art work is stimulating.

Through the art work, the artist is communicating the wider message of focus in one’s business and avoidance of disruption. There are two levels of disruption: the sailor is disrupted from his work while the prostitutes are disrupted from their business by the visiting student. If directed to the right audience, the art work is pleasant. However, some belief systems may lead to discernment of the work as comfortable. This is because nudity is not to be exposed in public in some cultures and beliefs. The colors used are not clear. Moreover, they help in distinguishing the men from prostitutes. The use of charcoal may be symbolic of an altogether different reason as to why prostitutes and the two men are together: to warm themselves. Moreover, the work may have been influenced by other cultures as seen in the use of masks on three of the prostitutes.


In order to explain some of the things that distract people in life, Picasso created the Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, which describes the prostitutes of Avignon. They are out to seek the sailor’s attention and also to be distracted by the student. As a way of description, the painting is a great piece of art in the eyes of analysts. In addition, the formal aspects are fairly used. The painting can simply be described as communicating the message that people should always remain focused on whatever they are doing and avoid distractions. The painting could also have multiple meanings, which is an indication that there is not only one way of looking at things. Therefore, although the ordinary eye may not be interested in Picasso’s work, a critical eye finds a lot of pleasure in the way the artist has put together different aspects.