You will have the right to claim that you know the cause and effect meaning if you are able to use this rhetorical style in your discussion of two subjects with specific results. It is a typical task from the writing class professors, but you can also get cause and effect assignments in a wide range of disciplines to demonstrate your logical thinking.

The core of a cause-and-effect paper is in the identification and discussion of certain events with specific consequences. You can get down to actual writing only after you have made sure that all the causes of your chosen events are properly researched and the events lead to specific consequences. Your focus can be on the consequences, reasons, or a combination of them in your writing.

Different Cause and Effect Essay Types

There are different cause and effect essay types, but each of them requires a strict structure and careful attention to details. Your perfect paper is always a result of a perfect structure and effective stage of pre-writing. Many students start with re-inventing the wheel, but we recommend you just to follow the advice from experienced UK writers instead of wasting time.
In general, the most popular types of essays with the analysis of causes and effects are based on the number of causes and effects and their consequences, for instance:

  • Numerous causes, single effect

It is an illustration of how the same effect can be achieved with various causes. Your cause and effect essay outline will have to focus on how you can study different kinds of reasons from several areas to show how they facilitate getting a certain effect.

  • Single cause, numerous effects

This is a reflection on a certain problem, issue, solution, or event with its consequences. Your utmost task is to show that you can do analytical analysis and apply your profound knowledge in the chosen field. Do not confuse your purpose of writing with persuasive essays. You are not supposed to convince or give arguments. Still, you have to be competent in the area you are going to present to the readers. It will be easier for you to reflect on the consequences of a certain event if you are well aware of its roots.

  • Causes and effects in a chain

It is an essay that shows a strict sequence of what happens and which results it has. It represents a lot of challenges for the writers, but it is probably the most exciting type of cause –and-effect writing.

Outline for a Cause and Effect Essay: How Can You Make It Work?

Follow the guidelines written by proficient GB writers to know how to make your outline to a cause and effect essay brilliant.

Introduction of Your Cause and Effect Essay

The first paragraph of your essay that presents the key cause and effect meaning to the readers is an introductory part. It introduces all the required background details to let the readers know about the topic to be discussed. Besides, it gives a general discussion of the raised problems and lets the writers emphasize the key essay arguments.
Hence, work on an effective thesis statement to let the audience get a general idea of the essay topic and explain the relevance of the chosen events.
There are many mandatory elements of an essay introduction:

  • Hook or Attention Grabber

A suitable statement that is both eye-catching and thought-provoking can be in the form of an anecdote, fact, quote, rhetorical question or any other hook aimed at attracting the readers’ attention.

  • Fundamental Background Details

The readers will be able to get a clear idea of the essay with the help of background details related to the key argument. All those details should be well-thought to make sure that the writing will be consistent.

  • Thesis Statement

If you cannot find an answer to the question ‘What is cause and effect essay?’ and ‘How to make your thesis statement striking?’ you can ask our skilled writers from the United Kingdom and they will assist for sure. They will draw your attention to the importance of a thesis statement made by one or two sentences at most, which is a very short but extremely meaningful part of your writing. It should be both brief and strong.

Body Paragraphs of Your Cause and Effect Essay

You should make sure that there are sufficient facts and details included in the body to present both the causes and the consequent effects. A paragraph should begin with a topic sentence to introduce either one of the causes or effects with further explanations. For sure, it is more reasonable to give the consequences after the causes are explained. All the elements should be analyzed and all the effects should be thought over with relevant content added.

  • Cause Description

It is an explanation of the current state of affairs to prepare the readers for the following analysis of the effects.

  • Effect Description

It is an explanation of the steps taken to present the consequences in your cause and effect essay writing with a focus on the movement from causes to effects.

  • Relationship Between the Causes and Effects

It is a discussion of the value your findings have with the presentation of both long-term and short-time effects of the events and recommendations regarding possible solutions to the situation and predictions as for the prospects for the future.

Antithesis in Your Cause and Effect Essay

This is a paragraph aimed to present the opposite side of the raised issue with the identification of the main causes and effects of the chosen events. You should give all the explanations to your choice of topics and reveal the cause and effect meaning and relevance of your essay.

Conclusion in Your Cause and Effect Paper

The main task of a conclusion is to give a final summary and let the readers feel that they have gained an insight into the main ideas of your writing and have a complete impression. The writer has to present individual views of the issue and its understanding through the conducted analysis with the corresponding analysis of the positive and negative consequences.

  • Have the thesis statement restated

Show a connection between the conclusion and the thesis statement with the indication of how the key essay argument is proven.

  • Hint at the main points again

Refer to the general ideas in brief statements without any new information included. You can ask good writers from Great Britain to compose an effective call to action for you.

  • Make a final sentence bright

Present the research results and refer to the value of your essay arguments.



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