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Eliminate the Stress of Those Pesky Essays and Complex Research Works! is here to rescue you!

Students at all levels of education face a myriad of academic writing assignments, many of which will bring challenges or topic requirements which are difficult or of no interest.  Whether you need a basic essay, a research paper, a book review or journal critique, an analysis or critique, a thesis or dissertation, has the perfect writer/researcher for your need.  Because you cannot be expected to be an expert in every subject field and because you may find some types of academic writing more challenging than others, is here for you!  We can assist your efforts to obtain consistently excellent grades on every piece of writing you submit, no matter how simple or complex.

As you look at an academic writing service to assist you, you have the right to understand the entire process that any service uses when it promises to provide you with written works that you will be submitting to your instructors or professors.  We at want you to be completely comfortable with our process, and we are happy to be totally transparent with you about how this entire thing works.  Remember, you have the right to know what happens when you spend your money for a premium quality service.  Below is a simple explanation of exactly what happens when you place an order through, so that you will see how we ensure that you will receive exactly what you have ordered.

1. Thorough Analyses of Your Order

As soon as you have placed your request with, we look at the type of writing necessary, the topic, and your academic level.  In order for us to do this properly, you will be giving us all of the details and requirements of the work.  We need to know as much as possible, including length, amount and depth of research required, any specific requirements of your instructor or professor, and, of course, any format details.  This allows us to make informed decisions about the complexity of the task and the appropriate writer to meet you needs.  Your individual control panel allows you to input all of this information. 

2. Assignment of Your Writer

Once your details are analyzed, we will assign a writer who is both academically qualified to accomplish the task and is appropriate for your academic level.  A writer for a secondary student’s order for a research paper on Apartheid, for example, will not be the same as one who will be preparing a thesis on the historic exploitation of native Africans by colonial governments.  In choosing exactly the correct writer for your order, we ensure that you will receive a piece that meets the expectations of both you and your instructor/professor.  Our writers create completely original works that meet the most current requirements of the UK educational system.

3. The Writer’s Commitment to You

Your assigned writer will again review all of the details of your order.  He or she will quite likely have questions or need further clarification and will not hesitate to contact you directly, through your personal message board, until complete understanding is achieved.  Your writer will not begin the project until he or she is absolutely certain that it will completed exactly as you wish.

4. Continued Collaboration with Your Writer

Your message board is open 24 hours a day throughout the process of creating your work.  Check it often, because your writer will continue to ask questions, to upload sections for your review and approval, and to request any additional clarification necessary.  You will also want to use it to check on the progress being made, to address any issues or concerns you have, or to revise your specifications in any way.  You may also contact our customer support staff through your message board, if you have any questions or concerns at all.  Whether you want to be a “hands-on” participant in every step of the process or simply monitor progress, the choice is yours.

5. Research and Resource Materials

As academicians, our writers have access to all appropriate libraries and will use on the most current and relevant research for the topic and for the academic level of the student.  Even the most complex and/or unique topics will be referenced accurately and thoroughly.  If you require specific resources and indicate such, these will, of course, be utilized.  Often, there will be requirements for only original resources or for a specific number of reference works.  Again, your specifications will be followed without exception.  No writer for us will ever use questionable resource material.

6. Our No-Plagiarism Guarantee

We use the most sophisticated plagiarism-detection software to check every completed work before it is delivered in final form to the customer.  You can submit your work in complete confidence that it is a unique and original piece and contains no part of any previously written material

7. Delivery On Time and Your Right to Request Revisions!

Your order from will be delivered by the deadline date you have specified or you will receive a refund.  In most cases, you will be notified of its completion prior to the deadline, and you may then download the finished product from your email inbox.  You then have 14 days to review the work and to request any revisions you wish.  These are completed happily and without any additional charge – just one of many unique features of!

8. Please Give Us Feedback

Once our work for you is completed, we will provide a feedback form, so that you may rate your total experience with us and provide suggestions for improvement.  Only in this way may we continue to refine our procedures and evaluate the quality of our writers and customer support personnel.  We take our customer feedback very seriously and urge you to complete the form for the benefit of all of our future clients. has become the premier academic writing service on the web because, quite simply, we have spent years developing and improving our services, locating the very best academic writers and researchers available and providing the highest quality customer service.  Our focus is on client satisfaction, and until each client is fully satisfied with his or her essay, term paper, review, critique, analysis, research project, thesis, dissertation or any other ordered writing project, we will not consider our job completed.

Do not trust your critical writing assignments and projects to an inferior service that cannot provide the guarantees and services that you deserve for your money.  Use the service that has proven its quality over many years.  Try just once, and you will be back for all of your writing needs!