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What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase «research paper»? An average student would most probably think of sleepless nights, in-depth research, extensive reading, browsing for scholarly facts and information, and writing. Whatever image comes to your mind, be sure that the process of research paper writing is rather complex, since it consists of different elements. Despite the fact that many students start thinking about plentiful sources to read, such as books, newspapers, magazines, and websites, a research paper is more than just about summary or overview of those sources. A research paper is predominantly an analytical work that puts forward some argument or viewpoint on the given topic. It should often present some original research, and thus make a contribution to the subject area. However, it is totally true that any argument or opinion that you want to convey should be backed up by expert evidence. If you do not know how to succeed in writing your academic research paper, keep in mind that you can always rely on our custom writing service for help. We guarantee that our experts can help you with a research paper of any complexity.

What Is a Research Paper?

A research paper is a type of academic writing that intends to provide analysis of a specific research topic, interpret all findings, and put forward a strong and clear argument based on the data research and analysis. When it comes to research paper structure, there is nothing really challenging about this paper, as it resembles an ordinary academic essay. The only difference is that a research paper is usually more extended and detailed. Unlike some short essays, a research paper intends to evaluate not only a student's writing fluency but also critical and analytical skills and the ability to conduct a thorough research. In some other cases, brand-new findings are essential to make the research significant and worthy within the scope of some subject area.

How to Write a Research Paper: Basic Steps

Check out a list of comprehensive guidelines on how to organize the research paper writing process in the best way:

  • Pick a topic

At times, college or university students are already assigned a specific research paper topic by their professors. However, in some other cases, students are lucky enough to choose the topic on their own. If you need to come up with a topic on your own, be wise and considerate: try to pick the one that you are familiar with or well-versed in. It is definitely not recommended to select some topic that you have little information about. At the same time, try to strike a balance between being knowledgeable about some topic and being passionate about it. If you choose a topic that you do not like, you will be bored to death in the process of working on it.

  • Formulate a strong and clear argumentative thesis statement

The thesis should be working: it should be proved or disproved as well as properly argued. The main aim of a thesis statement is to guide students throughout the very process of exploration and help them organize or structure it. When taking a look at your thesis statement, your readers should understand what your research significance is about and what is actually researched.

  • Perform in-depth research on the given topic

Start looking for primary and secondary sources and then reviewing them. By collecting data, you will find the needed supporting evidence for your arguments. At this stage, you have not only to gather and review literature but also to take notes of the most important things. Besides, do not postpone the organization of sources and add citations already while taking notes.

  • Create an outline

By this time, you should have plenty of ideas that you want to include in your research paper. In order not to be overwhelmed with them, it is recommended to compose an outline. As a rule, an outline serves the function of being a roadmap for your writing. So, it will help you find out which ideas are relevant and which should rather not be included. Besides, you will be less likely to overlook some important matters in the process of writing. Resultantly, you will be more focused, and the writing process will be easier for you.

  • Write your rough draft

This is the first draft, where you should be merely focused on what you write but not how you write. In other words, focusing on content in a priority here, so just make sure you have written what you wanted without being overly demanding to yourself when it comes to grammar, citations, spelling or punctuation. When working on your rough draft, you may simply write the main ideas, highlight the keywords, organize information into logical blocks, etc.
After you have outlined the main ideas, be sure to structure the paper properly. Normally, regardless of the research paper types, the structure is more or less the same:

Introductory chapter

It provides some basic background information on the topic. Besides, it should answer three most important questions concerning the research: what is researched, why this topic is researched, and how it is researched. Answering these questions will ensure that the reader knows what they are reading and why the paper is worth attention.

The main body

When you are elaborating ideas in the body paragraphs, this is exactly where the outline comes in handy. You need to be attentive here so that all ideas are logically developed and matched to the thesis statement. All information provided here should be relevant to the topic.


Reiterate the thesis statement here without introducing any new information. Summary the key aspects and re-emphasize the most important findings.

  • Revise the paper before submission

Revision process normally entails editing, proofreading, and checking the formatting. If you cannot cope with brushing up your research paper on your own, be sure you can rely on our research paper writing service UK. If needed, a professional editor from the UK will help you adjust the structure, change the development of ideas, and eliminate all possible mistakes. If needed, the editor will help you with adding some ideas, creating headings and subheadings, and so on. Just indicate what you need when you seek research paper help from QualityEssays.co.uk.

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Different Types of Research Paper Writing

When you need to complete a research paper, you have to understand at first what type of research you need to conduct and what paper to write. Different papers require a different research process. So, check out some of the essential types of research papers:

  • analytical research paper;
  • interpretative research paper;
  • definition research paper;
  • persuasive research paper;
  • experimental research paper;
  • argumentative research paper;
  • cause and effect research paper;
  • compare and contrast research paper;
  • survey research paper.

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