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Nowadays, it is usual for students to be assigned tasks on special discussion boards by their professors. At times, a task might require the student to provide comments or observations on a particular book, on a chapter of a book, or on some other type of course-related publication. Not only can students use these whiteboards to post completed coursework but they can also use this method to ask their fellow students and teachers questions regarding assignments. If it is the case you are not sure how to write a discussion board post, you can always contact QualityEssays.co.uk and ask us to write it for you.

What is Discussion Board Post: Exert Hints

Discussion board posts in online classes are the primary method that professors and students use to interact during lessons and exchange ideas related to the course. Good-quality posts are a way of knowing that the student understands their course materials and these are used to put forward coherent arguments with supporting evidence.

Here we have put together our top tips to help you create effective and engaging posts that are guaranteed to generate interest among your fellow students and provoke thoughtful discussion and answers from both your peers and professors.

Excellent Discussion Board Post Writing Tips

Online interaction and discussion is a way of helping the student prepare for a lesson or class, develop skills in discussion, become more competent at writing, and learn through interaction with others. To succeed, it is necessary to be able to translate one’s ability to discuss issues in a face-to face environment to an online setting. Do not forget that the discussions you have online are dialogues and not written tasks. The tips below outline some main features and strategies for engaging in effective discussions online, whether these are live chat sessions or participation in discussion groups:

Prepare by doing some homework

Read any material that has been assigned to you before you write your discussion post. While you are writing try connecting the text you are reading to something in your own personal life. Get immersed in the reading material you were given in order to be ready to start writing. This level of preparation will help ensure you are ready to write a meaningful and authentic response. You should additionally look back at any previous feedback your instructor provided on earlier assignments because this will act as a guide and help you adhere to what is expected of you.

Read the prompts you were given carefully

  • Reason for doing this: That you understand the reading material or question you need to answer.
  • Details: Is there a limit on the number of words? What date/time is the assignment due? Are there any sources you are meant to use?
  • Type of response: Does the question ask you to propose a solution for some problem, develop some argument, compare a couple of ideas, or reflect/recall a personal experience?
  • Style of formatting: Has your instructor stipulated a particular formatting style? If not, you should adhere to the APA style.
  • Instructor expectations: What evaluation method will be used to assess the merit of your response/post? Ask your instructor or check your course material.

Surprise your fellow students with a new perspective and solid argument

Put effort into developing a solid argument and search your course materials for evidence to support any statements you make. This means doing a lot of researching and citing. Write concisely and be thorough in the way you articulate ideas. Explore every aspect of the assignment question and try to make fellow students think in ways that go beyond usual or traditional methods.

Make your response relevant

Draw on professional or personal experience (where appropriate) and use text-based evidence to support facts and ideas. Think of real-life situations where your ideas might apply as this can add value to your discussion and make it relatable for fellow students. Do not forget to connect concepts and direct references from your learning material and cement these connections with academic-based evidence.

Add a unique touch to your post

Add an extra element that provokes thought in other participants and causes them to respond to your ideas. Bring all your points together by using topic sentences and delve beneath the surface to make connections. Make sure you propose a novel perspective that your fellow students can challenge.

Create your post in a system that has a text editor (e.g. MS Word) before posting it

This improves the chances of your post being complete, coherent and cohesive. Check the grammar and spelling. The fact it is merely a post for a discussion board does not imply it should be carelessly-written.

Leave your audience hungry for more

When your response is ready and posted, discuss it with your fellow students, and keep asking for feedback and/or participation. Make yourself integral and value-added to the discussion. The most successful posts/discussions endure for a long time in the memories of participants.

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