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Composing a PowerPoint presentation is certainly not as easy a task as many students may think. It denotes more than just choosing a template and filling it in with the text. Surely, you have to select a proper design and then come up with the content you would like to convey. Still, apart from having skills in the subject or topic you have been assigned, you also have to demonstrate design skills, organizational skills, and analytical skills. More so, in all this process, you have to take into consideration the purpose that you are persevering. Besides, you need to bear in mind different obstacles and challenges that you may encounter throughout the process.

What Is a PowerPoint Presentation?

As it may be inferred from the title, a PowerPoint presentation is a kind of document that is composed in MS PowerPoint software. Since this software app is included in the basic Microsoft package, it is available and supported on all devices. With the help of this program, you can design some basic slides as well as presentations with some complex design. MS PowerPoint is great for creating professional PowerPoint presentation that is related not only to academic but also to business settings. Talking about the purposes for creating presentations, they can be presented for informational, educational, and convincing purposes among others. There is a basic standard of designing a presentation, which means that there should certainly be some visuals as well as text. In some cases, you can even insert audio and video clips. To make the presentation seem more interesting and engaging, you can even add some animations or effects as transitions from one idea or from one slide to the other. However, remember that you should not overuse any additional elements in order not to annoy your readers or listeners with that.

How to Make a Good PowerPoint Presentation?

It takes time, effort, and practice to excel in creating PPT presentations. Another point that can add up some more experience and skills is to observe different presentation templates and designs that you find on the Internet or that you can observe in other students. If you are at a loss where to move next with your PPT presentation, remember that you can follow the following tips and guidelines prepared by UK professional writers:

  • Plan the layout of slides in advance. It is recommended to have a clear vision of how you see the slides in your presentation. Therefore, think of the layout and design beforehand. Prefer such a design and layout that is easy to follow. Make sure it is easy to identify the core idea for the reader as soon as they notice the slide. Make the text and visuals contemplate one another. Make the headings and titles clearly written. Do not use many words for the formulation of the title. Place the most important facts and details in the central part of the slide or presentation.
  • Do not use fancy and bright font types. First, fonts should be legible – both in terms of clarity and reading at distance. Some of the recommended fonts are Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, and Verdana among others. A PPT presentation is certainly not the perfect place where you should experiment with some fancy fonts. Second, do not cram your presentation with different font types. Try not to experiment with it and use one font consistently throughout the paper. You may change the size of font but try not to jump from one type to another.
  • Pay attention to contrasts. The very first contrast that you should care about is the contrast between the font and the background. Light background and dark font is a real combo.
  • When it comes to design, be consistent with it throughout the presentation as well. Make sure the theme matches the mood and style of your presentation, and the topic in particular. For example, it is not a good idea to choose a cartoon-like style or design for some serious topic. Besides, care for design in terms of readability.
  • For extra information, use footnotes. When you need to provide some additional information or specify the sources you have used, add these facts in the footnotes. You may as well provide some statistics there.
  • Add speaker notes and print them out before delivering your speech in front of the target audience. It is nerve tickling to speak in front of a large audience. Printed-out speaker notes may be your main support if you do not want to overlook any essential information or facts. You may at least try to mention there the order of ideas you want to follow and write down some points that may be easily forgotten.
  • Try to rehearse the presentation beforehand. Run the presentation on different gadgets if possible or at least on one. Pay attention to whether the text is readable at distance, whether all effects work well, etc.
  • Maintain balance when using animations and additional effects. If you love to add different GIFs, animations, effects or transitions to your presentation, first check how relevant they are in your case.

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