Our Process

If you struggle with essays and papers, we are here to help and to provide works which will impress your teachers and guarantee an excellent grade.  Research papers must be well organized and present information and data in an organized, systematic way.  Strong introductions and conclusions, moreover, are critical for a good grade.  Other types of essays may not require research; however, ideas, narratives, and opinions must be presented logically and with effective grammatical skill.

The process for obtaining your work is as follows:

  1. You place your order by completing the form below.  Please enter your contact information, delivery details and quality options.  Be very clear and specific about your assignment topic and the criteria, including the deadline for completion.  Before proceeding to checkout, be certain to read our Disclaimer.
  2. We match your order with a writer who has the qualifications, knowledge, and experience in your academic area.  This is a most important step and one which many of our competitors cannot guarantee.
  3. The assigned writer completes your project, working directly from your instructions.
  4. The completed work is uploaded to your account for your review.  Once you accept the work, it is immediately released to you, either by email or through download directly from the site.
  5. If we are unable to meet your needs, you will not be charged and your credit card details will be discarded via our secure platform.
  6. If you need revisions, these are happily completed.
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