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  • provides all types of academic writing service including in-depth background research. Our professional services cover the research and writing of essays, book reports, theses, dissertations, business reports and nearly any other type of academic document you can imagine. If there is any available reference material on your topic, will produce any type of report or paper you specify.
  • We understand that your schedule does not always give you the time to prepare your papers and reports yourself. At we have been providing professional quality academic papers, within the allotted time frame, for more than 10 years. No matter how tight your time frame is – from just a few days to weeks or months - will deliver the most accurate paper possible and deliver it on time, directly to you.
  • Papers produced by normally follow the accepted academic structure of: Introduction, Title, In-depth body text, Conclusion, Citations and Bibliography. If your project requires us to follow some other format, we will do that as well. Also know that the paper we write for you is customized specifically for your needs and is totally unique; at we never ‘recycle’ papers and each order is approached as a totally individualized and personal work.
  • At it is our business to understand what you need and to produce the most personalized paper possible. Every one of our more than 300 professional writers holds at least a post-graduate level degree and all of them are committed to producing papers tailored to your specific needs. Once you have explained the nature of your request we will do the research, write the paper according to your requirements and allow you time to review the final work and suggest any revisions or changes before signing off on the paper.
  • When filling out the order form be as complete and accurate as possible when you describe the subject matter and content of your paper. Obviously it is essential for us to know the subject of your paper, the title you want it to have, the length it needs to be, the due date and how you want the references listed. We also need to know any resources you want us to use, such as specific books, academic journals, newspapers, magazines, websites or a combination of the above, so we can meet the specific requirements of your assignment. Also feel free to give us any specific instructions you want us to follow when we write your paper – the more information you give us the more personalized the finished paper will be.
  • Most importantly we guarantee both the quality of all of our work. For complete details on our guarantee please refer to our ‘Guarantees’ page. Next, is the only writing company recruiting exclusively from among academics who hold post-graduate level degrees from either Cambridge or Oxford Universities. By recruiting from among the world’s most qualified academic professionals we can promise an unequalled level of academic excellence. Every paper produced at is guaranteed 100% new, unique and plagiarism free. Your paper will not only be unique to you and your needs but no one in the world except you will ever see your paper. Every written work produced at is completely customized and is only available to the client who hired us.

Order & Delivery

  • All pieces of writing ordered through will be uploaded in the personal profile or, upon your request, delivered directly to the email address you supplied to us on the order form. And remember, your paper will always be delivered according to the originally specified deadline.
  • As soon as your personal writer has completed work on your paper will send you a confirmation email so check your email frequently as your deadline approaches. Once you have been notified that your paper is complete you will be able to access it online and download it directly from your email inbox.
  • In the same way we protect your identity we also protect the identities of our writers, so live conversations with your particular writer may not always be possible. However, our customer care line is open 24/ 7 and our unique messaging system makes direct communication with your writer fast, easy and effective.
  • For your convenience and peace of mind has a customer support department that is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. From the moment you place your order until the finished work arrives in your email ‘in’ box we will work as closely with you as you want. Call us anytime to check on the status of your order, make comments or suggestions to your writer or just check in to reassure yourself that we are working for you.

- Our Guarantees

  • High-Quality Writings
  • Up-to-Date Sources
  • 100% Authenticity
  • BA, MA, and PhD Degree Writers
  • Round-the-Clock Support
  • 100% Confidentiality
  • No Hidden Charges

About Our Writers

  • After you have placed your order with we pass the order on to our writing department. The writing department will review the topic of your paper and any special requirements and, basing on their assessment, they will offer the paper to selected members of our staff who are qualified to write about your special field of inquiry. From this select group of writers, those who are interested in your project will submit their names along with a request indicating their interest in writing your paper. Senior members of the writing department will then do background and qualification checks of everyone on this list to find out who is the most qualified to handle your assignment. Then and only then the perfect writer will be selected and assigned to work on your project. Remember, no matter which one of our writing staff gets your assignment, they will be an experienced, qualified expert with a graduate level degree from either Cambridge or Oxford University.
  • Absolutely. provides a legitimate research and writing service that offers you customized, personal aid in all of your academic pursuits. When you hire you are buying a copyrighted written work directly from the author – just like buying a book – except that you decide what the work is about.
  • At we guarantee that all of our papers are 100% original. Every work that comes out of is newly written, tailored to your needs and fully referenced. We check all of our work with the latest anti-plagiarism software prior to delivering it to you. Rest assured, your paper is yours and yours alone.
  • Your privacy is one of our primary concerns. Your contact information including your name, address, telephone number and email address will never be sold, shared with any other company or divulged to anyone and we will never disclose the fact that you have hired to work for you. At we respect your privacy and guarantee to keep our relationship private.
  • No. At your privacy is very important to us and we guarantee that our client’s identity will remain private. All written work produced by is held in our secure database for a period of one month after we deliver the work to you. If you need a copy within that time period we will send it to you (and only you) again. At the end of one month all copies of your file are permanently deleted from our database.

Quality & Satisfaction

  • has offices in London’s West End and we are the only custom writing service whose offices are open to our clients. We encourage you to stop in for a visit, chat with us, meet our writers face-to-face and ask for a free quote on your project.
  • has been successfully delivering customized, professional writing services for nearly 10 years. Throughout that time our continued commitment to quality and personalized service has been our key to success. To ensure the highest standards of quality to all of our clients we guarantee:
    • Professionally prepared papers on a diverse range of subjects.
    • Highly trained, academically qualified writers
    • Free revisions if our writer failed to follow your giudelines
    • Our utmost for your satisfaction
    • 100% money back guarantee
    • On-time delivery to meet your deadline
    • 24/ 7 customer care by phone, email or on-line chat
    • Privacy, confidentiality – guaranteed
  • At every member of our highly trained staff of academic writers has achieved more than a ‘Graduate Degree as a pass’. All of our writers hold advanced degrees from either Cambridge or Oxford Universities and their work is constantly monitored by our senior staff and by our customers. Our writers are rated on such skills as research, writing, communication skills, project needs comprehension and customer needs understanding. Thanks to such rigorous monitoring you are guaranteed that only those writers who can deliver top quality academic writing service are employed by

Pricing & Payment

  • When your paper is based on a magazine, newspaper or on-line article we can send the source material to you via email or provide you with an internet link – but you must specify this when you place your order. For papers based on other sources, such as books or CD materials, we cannot provide copies of the material but each resource that has been used as a reference source will appear in the bibliography at the end of your paper.
  • No. The cost of your paper is based on the number of pages you need and how soon you need the finished work to be delivered. At there are never any fees for the title page, delivery fees, bibliography fees or other unexpected charges that you might experience with some other online writing companies. On rare occasions your writer may slightly exceed the specified number of pages but that will only happen when your writer needs a little extra space to ensure that your topic has been covered completely and accurately.
  • It is extremely rare that one of our clients is not completely satisfied with our work. However, if you honestly believe that we have failed to follow your instructions accurately, or that the information we have provided is inaccurate, you are entitled to ask for revisions or amendments at no additional charge. takes every effort to ensure quality writing.
  • cannot grant refunds on any order once our writers have started working on it. However, should you find that any of the ideas included in your paper has been copied from another source (unless it has been cited as a reference) you will be entitled to a COMPLETE REFUND. However, do not forget to send us a plagiarism report to prove your standpoint. If you believe that, for any reason, your instructions were not followed properly or accurately, we will provide you with a FREE revision of the paper – but rest assured that this rarely happens. Remember, at your satisfaction is our primary goal. If you still think that your writer did not manage to revise the paper, you can apply for a refund and our Quality Control Department will check your request.