Section 1
What type of service does QualityEssays.co.uk provide?
How long will it take QualityEssays.co.uk to write my paper?
What exactly is a custom written essay?
Section 2
How do the writers at QualityEssays.co.uk know what I need?
What information do you need in order to write the paper I want?
What makes QualityEssays.co.uk different from other on-line writing companies?
Section 3
I am leery of dealing with companies that only exist online. Does QualityEssays.co.uk exist in the physical world?
How can I trust QualityEssays.co.uk to deliver everything they promise?
Who do you employ as writers at QualityEssays.co.uk?
Section 4
How do you choose which writer will work on my project?
I’m concerned. Is QualityEssays.co.uk’s service legal?
How do I know the material in my paper won’t be plagiarized?
Section 5
How do I know your service is private and confidential?
Is there any risk that my professor will find out that I used QualityEssays.co.uk?
What do I do if I have questions about your service or the status of my order?
Section 6
Can I actually talk to the person writing my paper?
How will I know when my order has been completed?
How will my paper be sent to me?
Section 7
Can I receive copies of the source material you used in preparing my paper?
Are there any extra fees or ‘hidden’ charges?
+What happens if I am not satisfied with the finished paper?
Section 8
What is your refund policy?