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This essay reflects on youth violence and specifically argues out that despite youth violence being so rampant it is possible for youth violence to be controlled and brought under controlled. The essay examines the attempts which have already made and the policies which are in place as an indication of the possibility of controlling the youth violence.

According to WHO (2002), youth violence is viewed as, “Youth violence is a form of interpersonal violence that involves individuals between the ages of 10 and 29 years” (p. 1). It is reported that youth violence ranges from physical fighting to bullying, assault and even homicides. Among the countries rated as nations displaying many incidences of youth violence are the USA, the Latin America and many countries in Africa.

It is reported that youth violence is more common among the males are compared to the females. It should be noted that government bodies and non government bodies are taking measure to help the youth engage themselves less in violence issues. The main question to ask is, “is it possible for youth violence to be reduced in magnitude?” Youth often engage themselves in violence due to idleness which in most cases result from being unemployed. Some of them engage in violence as a means of getting income. Unemployment which is one of the biggest challenges facing nations which display high rates of youth violence is the main cause of the youth violence. It might be argued that this might not be the case for the USA; however it should be noted that the there are many youth within the USA that do not have a means of livelihood and this lures them to engage in violent acts. Governments should engage in programs that will help the youth to have a means of gaining livelihood.

With employment created for the youth, they will likely have less time for the violence and thus it is possible for the youth violence to be reduced in magnitude.

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