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Western civilization came into being as a result of the great works of the ancient Romans. Romans and Greek are the true founders of what we today refer to as western culture. Classical theater, and democracy as well as philosophy were originally invented by these people. The Romans perfected what had been original done by the Greeks and as a result Christianity and language spread to many coast because of their effort. Civilization in the ancient Rome came about as a result of small scale agriculture that was founded around the tenth century Before Christ. Western culture is basically European origin cultures. The foundations of western culture were original laid by the Greeks; the Romans strengthened and established what the Greeks had originally done. This history was built by people like Alexander the Great who did much in the development of western culture. Religions like Islamic was against civilization and westernization (Ganeri, 2006).

The Romans are considered by many as the greatest and famous empire builders and this greatly contributed to western civilization. The legacy that was created by the Romans is still present in this age and time for instance some institutions have embodied Roman principles as a reminder of there great influence to development of civilization. Western civilization was shaped on the legacy of the Romans. A good example is the capitol in Washington which clearly reflects the impacts of Romans on the modern world. Roman people were so practical and their works were founded on law and governance. There concepts are still seen in today’s politics and this simply dates back to 1,000 years when Romans were governors. Their social and political lives have majorly influenced the happenings in the civilized world. The first people to prove that stable governance can be achieved through democracy were the ancient Greeks (Ganeri, 2006).

Much of the success that was achieved by the Romans was through the assistance of the Greeks who laid the foundation for them. Division of power by governance did not start in the 21st century because such occurrences happened in the ancient times when the powers of the ruling king were slashed by some of his governors. Religious functions started in the time of monarchs where people of the ancient time gave reverence to a Supreme Being or higher power. This practice continued to take root and spread to many areas as a result Christianity was birth. Art and craft started long time ago when ancient people could paint drawings in the cave. There were many craftsmen at that time and this practice lead to development of artistic designs that dominate our present time. Stabilization of Christianity happened around 15th century renaissance (Shuter, 2006).

Christianity greatly influenced western culture and civilization. Some of the oldest religions include Judaism as well as Protestantism. People like William Shakespeare made a great contribution to today’s English. The poems and the plays that he wrote have greatly influenced language development as well as writing in our time. Literacy styles that are in use today has some similarity with those that were employed by the ancient scholars. Classical learning started to take place in the 13th century of the medieval period. Learning was the well spring of the cultural innovations that started to emerge in the culture of the European people. Development in science was done by people like Linnaeus and Hippocrates this basically formed the foundation of the research and future science developments. Most of the learning and education that were conducted during that time were founded on Aristotle’s work and from then the culture of learning has remained until the present time (Shuter, 2006).

There are many developments that have been witnessed from the past four thousand years. For instance western culture has brought forth an organized and highly developed people. The trend of borrowing cultures and values from the previous community still continue and as result certain trends have been carried forth from one generation to the next. Mesopotamians made a major contribution to civilization for instance there religious belief in life after death helped a lot in passing religion to other generations that came up later. The architectural design of the ancient Rome was based on those that were done by the Greeks. For example the use of Triclinium in the villas that the Romans build was a Greek architectural design. Therefore most of the Romans architectural knowledge was influenced by the Greeks. They used the knowledge which they acquired to build structures that were meant for public use (Ganeri, 2006).

This beautiful architectural design led to westernization as many beautiful buildings were erected with the same design. For instance Roman Catholic churches have the same architectural design; that is a reflection of the ancient works. The republican government of the ancient time developed hundreds of roads and bridges to easy movement. The development of agriculture created a need for means of transport and as a result many roads were constructed by the senate of the time. The form of governance that was used at the onset of civilization was manly influenced by the form of governance of the Romans. The same structure has been passed onto us and for these reason Romans greatly influenced westernization in all aspects. Formation of militaries and social war that characterizes this age and time is a reflection of the proceedings at the Roman empires where military was used to fight their opponents. For example Gaius Marius military reforms are the basis of the great loyalty that soldiers have in their commander than the nation (Ganeri, 2006).

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