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God loved the birds and invented trees.  Man loved the birds and invented cages.  ~Jacques Deval, Afin de vivre bel et bien

In this quote, the writer has also pointed out the cruelty of man that he caged the birds as well.

In the third question, we have to analyze and test the expression of Elisabeth Costello with Thomas Nagel and David Forster Wallace. The expression of Elisabeth Costello was quite different from those two writers, but somewhat similar to David Foster Wallace. In her expression, a sigh of consciousness and affection towards the animals has reflected, on the other hand David Foster has just restrained his analysis towards the lobster and its illegal slaughtering. On the other hand, Thomas Nagel elaborated about the bats and their symptoms. He declared that bats are blind and deaf to their birth and their consciousness and the consciousness of a common human being is quite similar.

In the third question, we have to answer whether the arguments of Elisabeth, were in the favor of the other two writers or has some sort of contradictions. From the analysis, we have found that the arguments of Elisabeth are somewhat similar to David Foster because both have identified the illegal killing and violence of the animals. Both the writers have shown an immense affection towards saving the animals from unimportant killings and illegal slaughtering. On the contrary the arguments of Elisabeth have nothing to do with the argument of Thomas Nagel as the issues identified by him is somewhat else.

The God has awarded the human being with a lot of dominant things and the best thing he gave to a person is the power of understanding and speaking, which makes him superior at all the other creatures of the world. The same stance has been depicted by many readers in their books, out of which we have just picked only three writers and analyzed their working towards the same predicament. We have found that these writers are totally against the illegal human activity of killing animals for their personal nourishment, which should be stopped. I want to conclude my discussion with the below mentioned quote.

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