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What is twitter? This is a social networking internet site that enables the users to make communications with each other through sending of messages. According to Comm (2009), at its simplest twitter is “just a means to send short updates to people who want them” (p. 24). This implies that it a way of passing messages to people around that is your friends. The messages which are sent are given the name tweets. The tweets can be made up of a maximum of 140 characters. The tweets will appear on the “followers” such that are able to read them. Updates or messages to twitters can be posted through the twitters website of through external applications. Twitter therefore is a social site which helps people to get in touch and updates each other. The operation of twitter is further explained in the following section.

These section reviews the operations of twitter with an aim of showing the potential it has for high future profits. It sets the ground for the next section’s argument on the potential of twitter. Being an activity which has to do with social networking, twitter needs a medium through which people will get to interact. Comm (2009) in a very way explains the operations of the twitter, “the most basic way to do that is to log into your twitter account on the web and type your tweet into the text field” (p. 24). In order to run a twitter account, you first need to register with the twitter site after which you are required to form a group of friends (followers). Once a tweet is typed, it appears on your profile and your followers are able to view. It should be noted that only the followers are able to view a tweet typed. Furthermore the followers are able to view a list of all the tweets coming from all those they are following once they log into their log into their twitter home pages. Following the movement of these tweets can prompt one to make a comment which is possible: “they will also see tweets sent from people they follow to other people they follow, allowing them to jump into conversation between friends” (Comm 25).

It should be noted that people will not be able to view tweets sent by people they follow to people they do not follow. Therefore, basically twitter experience involves the sending of personal updates and reading updates from others and responding to them accordingly (Comm 25). It should be noted that the twitter site also makes use handsets whereby tweets can be sent and received through the handsets that is, “combining web-based updates with mobile information” (Comm 26). When sending a tweet from a mobile phone in form of a SMS to twitter, the tweet is charged by the mobile telephone company. The twitter sent by a mobile phone is then pasted by twitter to all those who follow you. This is done very quickly and can actually be used in times of disasters as Comm (2009) explains,

Red cross volunteers are able to send an SMS about a new shelter opening or the changing of a bushfire and have lots of people read it at the same time; further he gives an illustration, when bushfire threatened Santa Barbara in May 2009, for example, residents were able to the service learn a bout evacuation, closures, and rescue centers (p. 26-27). 

It should be noted that Twitter allows business companies to the site which enable them to keep in touch with their customers. This is reviewed below under the review of the potential of Twitter to make money to stabilize itself. Next in the review is the way in which twitter makes money. This is important because the twitter has almost been depending on venture capital funding. Economic stability of twitter is an issue of great significance to its deeply engaged community.

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