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Transgressive has its own way of creating its space. Sabater (2002) claims that transgression is a game: a game of representation of an idea transformed. The idea has to be represented in an open way and in a manner that evoke actions and interpretations. The ability of uniqueness brought about by the transgressive creates its own opportunity. The excesses associated with transgressive is key in usurping space for transgressive purpose. It should be noted that the purpose is show uniqueness and stand out alone in the crowd not belonging to any axis. The unique features associated with transgressive is its creator of space. 

Graffiti especially in the city has been normalized to become a way of communication. The walls have been the platforms where different views are presented and answered. Keith (2005) argues that graffiti writers have formed part of public writers. He write, “Graffiti writing itself constitutes a kind of unruly alternative public sphere in which political argument and verbal debate is substituted with a kind of non-discursive battle between opposing groups armed with spray cans and marker pens” (Keith, 2005, p. 150). The author moves on to give an instance of such a battle as that between the British racists and the anti racists graffiti writers monitoring each other. In most cases the graffiti writers write on current issues affecting a region at a particular time. This makes them to be part of the daily talk thus assimilating them to the normal daily life.

Graffiti and art are very similar. The only difference being that graffiti uses channels which are not allowed by the authorities. Graffiti has the same features has the transgressive. Both are predominant in big cities and are associated with going against what is expected of the normal way of behavior: graffiti is actually a form of transgressive. Transgressive aims to setting itself out the normal axis of all the activities. This is what normally turns transgressive on the wrong side of the law. Graffiti has been become part of the normal way of communicating in the public sector. This has led graffiti to being part of the normative art though it is illegal. Therefore it should be noted that graffiti is art but illegal art because of the channel it uses.

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