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The rapidly growing and transforming environment that we live in, a world of rising demands and a world of increasing expectation, conceivably the greatest obligation for all of us is one for self-advancement. How can we be enhanced?   How can we do to improve our life? And if we recognize that the true world that we work and live is real a people’s world, then it is crucial and fundamental to have a better understanding of significant importance phase of Human Resource Management-on so motivation. Human Resource Professionals must come to an understanding on “Human psychology” and "Human behavior” and this should be a must so as to enhance quality improvement through motivation. In this proposal I have analyzed about, how quality improvement of an organization can be achieved thorough enhancement of motivation, various motivation aspects available that help the management motivate their staff and different techniques that can be used in motivating an employee.

The critical personnel management challenges of the pressing future which is mainly driven by restructuring and reengineering of fierce competition, efforts and loyalty concerns for key ability that is closely associated to the emerging concerns of productivity and commitment of employees. In any business organization, the theme of productivity and quality assurance is always related to the subject of motivation.

In any circumstance, the function of managers becomes more significant because they play an important and exceptional role in comparison to others in an organization. This role can be considered to be of form of a catalyst, capable to tap and Stir up employees exclusive talents and transform them to quality productivity and high performance. Nevertheless, only through key organizational policies can a manager elicit her/his employees’ secreted talents which are highly important in the quality productivity and improved performance of the organization. These strategies can be internal and external employees. One of these strategies employed by managers is motivation.

The study seeks to examine the significance of motivation on employees’ to productivity improvement in any business .Furthermore, the paper aims to explore predominant motivational strategies and theories used in many organizational outfits in relation to employees performance and quality  productivity. 

Since motivation is vital in the productivity of employees, the significance of knowing what motivation is most valuable and efficient that could produce higher productivity, satisfaction, improvement and commitment to employees is important as a problem of this study.

Motivation is the “Inner strength within individuals that enables them to pursue one or more objectives emotionally and psychologically to accomplish their desires or expectations (Oughton & Benison 2000). Kiball &Nick, (2007) remarked, “To sustain [motivation] it is to build and bring about the environment which brings harmony and balance into the whole job group for the gain of everyone who is involved.” Since its manager’s responsibility to use effective motivation, he/she should consider the environment and the rank of his/her workers. Additionally, motivation requires an inner natural longing to apply effort with no the external incentive of money. It is the capacity of impacting the workers with unity of purpose and sustaining a harmonious relationship amongst all people (Kresman, 2003).

Motivation has a critical role in attainment of goals and objectives set by an organization. By attempting to motivate, encourage, and raise workers satisfaction and self-worth it makes them extremely productive which in turn lead to the fulfillment of organization objectives and goals. Monese & Thwala (2001) states that motivation is the keenness to give efficient effort in order to achieve the set organizational objectives, which is conditioned by individual ability to satisfy specific needs. On the other side Campbell (2004), defines motivation as a dependent and reliant set of relationships which clarify the direction, persistence and amplitude of a behavior, holding steady the effects of aptitude, skills and understanding of a given undertaking and the challenges faced in a working environment. Therefore the needy of understanding the nature of motivation and its underlying theories and principles are all fundamental so that improper application of motivation by the management can be analyzed and avoided. Nevertheless, all motivational strategies and processes are fundamental yet, not all of them qualify to be applied in definite organization due to some constraints.

Techniques to increase motivation.
They are various techniques for enhancing employee motivation. They facilitate motivation by fulfilling employees less tangible wants, e.g.  If a business organization gives its employees with gift certificates to restaurants, it will improve their drive and therefore increase motivation.

Management by Objectives (Mob)
Management by Objectives (MOB) is a motivation practice in which managers and employees work together in setting objective and goals. It is valuable because management involvement reflects the vision and mission of the organization. It inspires employees to get more concerned in their jobs and in the organization as a whole. MBO explains the task of the employees that are expected to attain organizational goals and allows them to contribute and therefore motivation is increased.

Employee Empowerment
Empowerment is making employees more participative in their jobs and in the management of the organization by mounting their participation in decision making. This exactly means that employees have a sound in what they do, when they do it and how they do it. Consequently employees must work with managers so as  to set the goals and objectives and goals that are in standard form. Though, there are blockade to this technique which some include distrust of operational management and lack of employee training.

Self-Managed Work Groups
Self-managed group are teams of employees with the skills and authority to administer themselves .This help to boost motivation as employees have more job control. When this method is executed correctly, the employees in these work groups will have an increase morale and enhanced productivity.

Employee share ownership plan.
Employee ownership is a circumstance in which employees have possession of the company they like for by being stockholders. This means that when the organization enjoys increased profits, the employees will benefit directly. This method will always cheer employees to be more productive in their area of work. This means that employees are inspired to work better for the benefit of the company.

This research will apply the share ownership theory for higher motivation to workers. This case study will run on the idea that issuing shares to employees will give them financial incentives and ensure they are more dedicated and motivated to the organization and their job. Furthermore, the application of classic motivational theory of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, in addition to Total Quality Management theory will also be used.  

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