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Teen pregnancy refers to a situation where a teenaged or under aged girl between 13 to 19 years becomes pregnant. At this age, teens are unusually susceptible to pregnancies with many experiences changes in their physical, psychological and sociological status (Slater, 2000). The teens usually have a high level of hormonal release at this age meaning that they are physically active and susceptible to having sex at such an early age risking teenage pregnancy (Reid, 2002). It is usually difficult to tackle the best approaches applicable for avoiding teenage pregnancy.

Communication is one of the best and effective means of avoiding teen pregnancies. A report from UNESCO in year 2000 indicated that inadequate education on the topic of teenage pregnancies has contributed massively to unwanted teenage pregnancies (Slater, 2000). Parents, schools and any other social institutions need to communicate with teens openly on this issue to help them be aware and act appropriately to avoid teen pregnancy.

In this case, advising teens on abstinence could be the most appropriate and effective approach of avoiding teen pregnancies. However, because of the pressures from adolescent’s sexual behavior it becomes an ineffective approach. Teens at such an age succumb to Peer Pressure and physiological pressures that ultimately lead them to having sex at this early age (Allen, 2003).

To sum up the avoidance approaches, there is a need to handle the issue of teens as an adult case. After communicating with the teens, it might be easy to note that they are already ready to have sex at their age. Especially in the 21st century, teens have a greater urge of having sex at such an early age (Slater, 2000). This calls for broad approaches to salvage the situation. It is expedient to teach the teens prevention strategies. Safe sex and birth control measures is the next big thing that social institutions need to bank on if they are to succeed in teen pregnancy avoidance. It is expedient to teach them on shots, condoms, pills, and any other form of birth control measures just to be safe and prevent the pregnancies (Reid, 2002).

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