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In the research paper, the American war against Iraq is discussed. There is introduction on the impacts of war by Americans to the Iraq people. The paper briefly talks about the impact of American war against the Iraq. It explains why America decided to defend them by attacking and destroying the strongholds of the anti- America Islamic groups based in Iraq. The same paper elaborates on the ways America used to conquer and defeat the Islamic groups with bad intentions against them. At the same time, it explains giving reasons why the act was welcomed by Americans. The steps that were followed by Americans to fight the Islamic groups in Iraq are also researched in the paper. To add on that, the research paper elaborates on how negative and positive impacts are caused by the war against Iraq people. It explains how the budget has been stretched and threats on the economy of America. The research paper then ends with a conclusion on the way the war has impacted encouraging the American government to fight the insecurity cases in the world not only through war but also by application of other ways to secure and also manage or control on how it spends on security that may result to declining in countries economy. The research papers also consist of how the Sudan people lacked democracy. It concentrates on the role of women in the society and how they were mistreated. Also how people were massacred while fighting for justice and democracy. It concludes with the solutions on the issues raising the level of insecurity in the country.


The war in Iraq has for many years occupied US central place in politics, however, the impacts of the war is not considered to the people of both America and Iraq and the soldiers serving there. It is very important to recognize the cost with prolonged period the war can take and how the security sector will impact negatively to the economy of US through heavy spending by military defense. The effects on the health of Iraq people and the welfare of the soldiers who are at service are never a priority to the American government. The Americans may also gain or have some positive impacts in this war whereby they will protected from attacks and thus stability in security of their country. The Iraq people will also achieve or gain from the in one way or the other. For instance, they will receive aid from the military and free medical facilities and treatment from highly qualified technicians from the US military.

The impact of high military spending on American economy

The global insight has modeled the annual military spending that has increased to 1.0 % GDP beginning the year 2007 then continued over 20 years period of forecast. According to the forecast, it is assumed there is no increase in offsetting taxes so that they can isolate the impact of defense increase in spending on economy. The higher rates in interest have expected effect on the interest sensitive sectors of economy. Also there was reduction of production by industries due to the higher rates of interest to 1.8 % as compared to the baseline scenario.

The spending on the war and effect to environment and jobs

Higher levels of spending by the military also resulted to loss of jobs. When there is high taxation of the low class and middle class who earn small amount of cash, they will be forced to overwork attain or maintain their living. Companies will cut their labor force due to huge taxes forcing the workers to extend and be overworked to reduce the number of workers in the company thus loss of job. The environment will be affected with the radioactive used by the military on war.

To conclude, the huge spending by the military drains resources from productive economy and for this reason, it leads to slower economic growth and less investment, fewer jobs and higher deficits in trade. It is important to cut on the military spending in Iraq that may cost the economy of America by invention of other technologies that will help in fighting terrorism and end Iraq war.

The effect or impact of war on health

            The immediate effect or impacts of the Iraq war is psychological problems to both Americans and Iraqis and the soldiers. When the Americans loose one soldier, the country and the family members will be psychologically affected. Also the war scenes may also affect American soldiers in Iraq. The presence of American soldiers in Iraq soil may mean war is still on and the Iraq citizens will never settle and thus being affected psychologically. Moreover, the health of the people and soldiers in Iraq may be physically affected when explosives and other arsenals are used affecting the environment and harm people in Iraq in general.

Discuss lack of democracy in Sudan

The prime failure of Sudan’s government is not identified     in the miserable catalogue of excruciating   massive corruption, degrading subservience to overseas exploitation  ,  damnable shooting of strikers, burning of unions , ”second class, hand-me down capitalism” but when the rulers failed to establish important inner links with the dispossessed and the poor of this country. In February twentieth, the ruling party of the government of Sudan claims that it is the only structure efficient enough to keep up the stability and peace of Sudan also; it claims that it is the major reason why most regions of the country have not crumble into conflict and war   but there is no stability and peace to talk of in Sudan in fact all things have fallen apart for a long time. Almost all the news papers in Sudan have reported violation of human rights, and abuse of citizens on all sentences, civilians’ abductions, psychological torture and abuse of detainees and much other form of injustices. Frequently reports of violence. The party of national co0ngress held a massacre in southern Sudan and Darfur. A persistent current story of massacre ion the port, center, east, west and south. The Sudan’s government in Khartoum has not failed merely in linking with the individuals of Sudan at each level. As it seems, it has chosen to put into consideration the lists of genocide and massacre committed in the last 22 years; to use the army of the country and the resources to displace, wipeout and kill the Sudan’s population. Up to date Sudan has the largest number of internally displaced persons of 4.9 million people. In July 1998, Brigadier Omar al basher announced the victorious conquest of the non-partisan national salvation revolutionaries. The news was received b great joy and jubilation; he presented an end to the chaotic rule of the political parties elected democratically. After a few months of the rules of national salvation, it appears that the non-partisan claim was the beginning of the everlasting lies.   

In the twenty years of national salvation changed the rule of the national congress party. The government is systematically corrupt. Endless violation of human rights and crisis, the officials of the health ministry contract for selling human organs all these evidently show how the set of governance is occupied by a criminal gang. There are no sigs which are visible for any level of salvation or organization, but multiple looting sites at all levels, destruction and murder.oon the Sudan’s roads the NCP constructed are labeled the roads of death. The NCP have constructed roads with the materials used to build lesser trafficked roads or to patch the potholes on the roads .as a result, roads with a maximum capacity of 60 tones, despite of the vehicles` load capacity and frequent reports of news of commercial buses and vehicles turning and sliding killing hundreds. According to the NCP, their removal will push the country in to a war just like in Somalia. Already the country is facing a number of conflicts and if the situation does not change early enough. There will be no single state in Sudan which will not be in conflict with this government. It is not seen in the near future if the army of Sudan will ever stop shooting, ruthlessly at the Sudanese. This is caused by the NCP remaining in power and sustaining continuous stream of conflict and rebellion across Sudan. First it was the absence of Sudan representatives in the national assembly which has caused marginalization of all Sudanese who are non NCP, which has brought about peaceful protests. The brutal policy of ncp crushing peaceful demonstrations and protests has caused armed protests which have resulted to multiple conflicts in the country.

In Khartoum the security of government arrested six men and forty six women who took part in a peaceful demonstration to rebel against the flogging of women under a nu8mmber of article les of criminals’ act of Sudan, and the public order of Sudan’s regime which singles out against women. These arrests were unconstitutional since the interim national constitution of Sudan guarantees freedom of assembly. These protests directly reacting to very alarming videos on you tube as advocates all over the world were organize to terminate the yearly 16 days of activism against aggression against women movement. The videos were about whipping of a woman in the court of a police station in Omdurman, Sudan. It does not include details on the woman’s identity, the reason of her being whipped or the venue of the flogging. All that c could be heard was a male voice ordering the lady to be seated in order to get over with it. The policeman then whips the lady mercilessly and the hips, the back and the shoulders. It was evident from her body language that it was not the first time for such a torture. In July 2009, similarly Sudan commanded the news of the world, when a northern Sudanese journalist, Ahmed Husain who worked in the united nations  mission as a public information officer conducted a campaign against the public order claws which were infamous due to her arrest together with other twelve women for putting on trousers at in Khartoum`s restaurant. Of the arrested women, ten pleaded guilty and were given ten lashes and were charged a fine of 250 Sudanese pounds. The non-Muslims from southern Sudan were flogged. In the continuing Sudan’s complex political process, the latest arrest an activist in Khartoum and popular consultations planned in two Sudan regions to decide whether the CPA and its implementation met the people`s aspirations of those regions. Some might think twice about the anger that comes up about the whipping of the women. Some sympathetic voices view it as another conspiracy of the west against Islam that wants to redirect interest from more essential matters in Sudan

The main aim of Somalia`s disintegration in to the recent conflict state and disorder it is facing today, is because of a government like the NCP`s and due to lack of absence of every structure that can go beyond the governance role. The endless war and of Sudan and its neighboring countries  have indicated that no gorilla war, no militia, and no intelligence and security service organization can go against the weakest government structure, and no government is able to  bear the peoples uprising tide. The marginalization of the Sudanese can only be addressed is through transparent and fair elected independent government. The only opportunity of harmony is through democracy. The only means by which every citizen of Sudan can be represented at the local national central and level is through a democratic process that is through election officials of government who will be made accountable as a government official but not as a tribal leader, to convey the voice of the people, their choices and needs to the various government levels and to convey the responses and policies of a range of government levels to the citizens. The only viable method individuals can link o the government and the government to the people through a member of parliament who is democratically elected, helping at both ends. A member of parliament who is the peoples servant and a regime which is the peoples servant and not the structure of imposing tyranny and fear like those formed by systematically murdering national congress party are the autocracy of the preceding mayo rule.

In conclusion, the democracy fought for in Sudan will help in development of the country. Also the government will achieve its goals by being able to control its resources and for a stable economy. To achieve the set goals by the government, democracy is the vital requirement in Sudan.

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