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The early in habitants of Australia were the aboriginal people. They were mainly black in color and usually they were thought to live a primitive life. They used to live a quiet life that was not complicated by the modernity of the world. They were spiritual and did not have ownership of property especially land. Their economic activities were hunting and gathering of food in the forest. Additionally, there rule of law or the mode of governance they used was not complicated. They used to settle their disputes by the use of elders of the community. However, in the eighteenth century all this was to change after the European settlers came to settle on there land. The Europeans brought all the cultural activities by force to the aboriginal people. The aboriginal people did not have an alternative but to follow what the settlers imposed on them. Therefore, the European settlers had a great impact on them leading to the change of their lives forever.


            The European settlers came to Australia in the eighteenth century with the purposes of searching grounds where they would punish their prisoners. When the settled to Australia, they saw, that the lands were very profitable and they decided to take them from the indigenous people. The first impact they made to the lives of the aboriginal people was displacement from their land. Before the European came to Australia the aboriginal did not own property. Anybody could settle wherever he or she wanted. In addition to this, they respected their spiritual grounds. Nobody could own them or settle on them. However, this changed after the European settled on their lands. At first, they chased them away from their lands especially those lands that were productive. They started issuing of ownership licenses to themselves and selling the remaining parts of the lands to the other European settlers who wished to on those lands. Because of this, the aboriginals were displaced of their lands.

            The other impact the Europeans settlers made to the lives of the aborigines was death. The Europeans brought death to the aboriginal people through conflicts. This meant that the aboriginals were trying to protect their lands especially the spiritual lands. In the process, it led to death of the aboriginals. The aboriginals respected the dead and the areas where they were buried. These lands were believed to be spiritual thus, the respect they had for them. On the other hand, the European settlers did not care about this; they had other things in mind. This led to them chasing the aboriginals of from their spiritual lands and selling them. This resulted to anger of the aboriginals. They saw this as disrespect and they started to fight the Europeans. As a result, they were killed leading to fear . This impact of death led to the aboriginal people fearing for their lives.

            Lastly, the European settlers had an impact on the lives of the aboriginal people through the change of their social economic and justice cultures. The aboriginals’ cultures were thought to be primitive and backward by the European. Before the European came to Australia, the indigenous people had a quiet life. Economically the aborigines used to work in the fields by gathering food and hunting in the forests. There justice system was not complicated; they only had the elderly people as the leaders of the different groups. This type of lifestyle was appropriate and appreciated by the aboriginals. The societal ethics and moral values are changed depending on the environment they stay. When the European settlers settled in Australia, they changed the cultural lives of the aboriginals forever. After stealing their lands, the aboriginals did not have the land to gather or hunt for food. The aboriginals did not have any land that they could use for their cultural activities neither did they have the opportunity to practice their social cultural activities. Additionally, the European settlers imposed their cultures on the indigenous people. This was assimilated and made them more of them than the way they were. Therefore, this led to the impact on the lives of the aboriginals by changing their cultures forever.


            In the past, the aboriginal people inhabited Australia. This people were black in color and they led a quiet life. They were not an industrious bunch of people and neither did they have the modern way of living. They were comfortable in the life they had and they did not require any help in their way of life. On the other hand, the European so their lives entirely differently from the aboriginals. They thought that they led a primitive way of living and the only way to help them was to impose rules that will change their lives for the better. As a result of this, it led to conflicts between the two. One of the impacts that the European changed the lives of the aboriginals was death. In the conflict the aboriginal were killed leading to fear. The other impact was the change of their social, economic and justice cultures. Lastly, they were displaced of from lands especially their spiritual lands. Although it may not be visible in the present day, the aboriginals will never go back to their lives as they were before.

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