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According to the ‘Disability Act’ (2006) there are various Acts which have been instituted with respect to people with disability. The ‘Disability Act’ (2006) covers some of this Acts which have b enacted since 1992 (similar Acts relating to disability cases existed before 1992). These Acts are mainly touching on the livelihood of disabled people (‘Disability Act,’ 2006, par. 1). Member of Parliament Peter Julian is associated (‘Disability Act,’ 2006) with drafting of the Canadians with Disabilities Act which aims to enable people with disability to access more facilities by, “reducing barriers to employment, transportation, public services, and telecommunications” (‘Disability Act,’ 2006, par. 1).  

More of the acts which are discussed by the ‘Disability Act,’ (2006) include: accessibility for Ontarians with disability; a stronger and more effective Ontarians with disabilities; Ontarians with disabilities Act. ‘Disability Act,’ (2006) has discusses in general the various Acts which have been enacted around the world focusing on the persons with disabilities (‘Disability Act,’ 2006, par. 1). All these acts and others not mentioned herein have made a big contribution to changing the lives of the disabled people. Gordon at al., (2010) gives a very succinct summary of the main objective of all the policies which have been enacted by the federal government: they are meant to meet the, “challengesrelated to accessibility of public facilities, housing,and transportation for persons with disabilities” (Gordon at al., 2010, p. 1).

Gordon et al., (2010) note that there is great similarity in the legislation in the US and Canada in the matters of Disability Acts. The authors argue that in Canada the federal legislation is quite significant in ensuring that the rights of the disabled Canadians are championed. However, they argue that in the absences of the federal legislation the provinces steps in to make their own legislation as pertains to the disability cases. Having viewed the legislation efforts made, the paper moves on to examine how the legislation has being implemented to empower Canadians with disability cases.

The Canadians with disabilities have been empowered in various ways. The following will review some of the efforts which have been made to enable the Canadians with disabilities to access more resources which will empower them. This will be done by approaching it in two power perspectives: the government efforts and the private efforts. In both perspectives, just two cases are reviewed.  

The government has made efforts through its ministries to ensure that all the citizens are represented well including the disabled ones. Various ministries at least have provisions for the disables people as shown below.

Apart from the legislation, the Canadian people have made much progress to ensure that the disabled are empowered. Government bodies are making efforts to ensure that people with disability are empowered through being informed. Many of these bodies have posted helpful information on their websites. Most of the websites have national languages (French and English). For example, the Canadian Revenue Agency CRA (2010) has a web page dedicated to the disabled people. This webpage contains information that is of significant to the disabled as it contains information relevant to the disabled.

The CRA (2010) webpage specifically contains information on the form various beneficial programs which are availed to the disabled. These include information on how to claim the disability amount, registered disability savings plan, disability support deductions, child disability benefit, and more information meant to empower the people with disabilities (CRA, 2010, par. 1).

The office of the Disability Issues (ODI) is viewed as, “a focal point within the Government of Canada for key partners working to promote the full inclusion and participation of Canadians with disabilities in all aspects of society and community life” (ODI, 2010, par. 1). This office coordinates all the issues dealing with disabilities in the country. It contains information on disability savings showing how the program works and how the disabled should go about the issue of saving their funds. More information is also given on accessibility and opportunities funds. The websites gives information on the social developments partnerships and other reports which have a direct impact on the lives of the disabled. 

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