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Globalization has helped in homogenizing the world and lowering the costs & wages to minimum. This has drawn severe criticism from several quarters calling for alternatives to globalization to be devised. In relation to looking at the alternatives of globalization, this essay will shed light on the main criticism made on globalization. Consumerism, immigration and nutrition will be discussed in the light of globalization showing why there is a need for alternatives of globalization.

Hawkers (2006) argues that globalization has had negative influence on the nutrition content of food being manufactured. He claims that the current trend of people taking high fat content foods and sweeteners is has led to the exposure of more people to diseases. He links this to globalization, “by radically altering the nature of agri-food systems, globalization is also altering the quantity, type, cost and desirability of foods available for consumption” (Hawkers Para. 2).

Globalization is also closely related with immigration. With globalization there have been increased numbers of immigration cases as people move about in job search. This has been found to lead to a situation referred to as jobless growth which the International Labor Organization (2006) claims to arise from globalization and which needs to be put to stop as it is exploitive (ILO, Para. 1).

Consumerism, a product of globalization, has been linked with child labor (Dwibedi, Jayanta and Chaudhuri, 2007) and wastefulness; according to Barber (2008), “Consumerism has meant the transformation of citizens into shoppers, eroding America’s sovereignty from within” (Barber Para. 1).  

The control of globalization should be aimed at empowering the nations and local communities to control their local economies.  Norris (1998) has suggested the following alternatives to globalization: long distance trade should be treated as the last resort. This will enable the local economy to flourish as it will create a ready market for the local goods. To enable the local regions to develop, there should be a control on the flow of large capital to a state (Para. 3).

Norris (1998) argues that organizations such as GATT should be done away with because they do not promote sustainable and equitable world trade agreement. Further Norris believes that companies should not be allowed to control regional markets. This will help to counter the advantages enjoyed by very large organizations (Para. 5).  Globalization has had adverse effect on the lives of both those living in developed and developing countries. Therefore, there is a need for the globalization to be controlled through controlling the way free trade is carried out. 

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