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Having normal sexual behaviors is very important to an individual regardless of ones gender. Below are some of the known sexual behaviors in human beings, a detailed summary of the behaviors is going to be done in relation to women and their culture:

  1. Abstinence

This sexual behavior refers to a person’s ability to desist from sexual stimulation, either oral or actual copulation. Normally, people practice abstinence because of moral reasons rather than health reasons. It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that women are adept at abstaining than their male counterparts. Women from different cultures practice this sexual behavior because of different reasons. Women from Europe, America and Asia practice abstinence because they want to prevent unnecessary pregnancies. Although abstaining from sexual intercourse has been a nagging problem to many partners, women in these cultures exhibit strong moral behaviors that enable them to cope well with this sexual behavior. This sexual behavior is also practiced by women in the mentioned continents because they understand the importance of life. It is a known fact that abstinence is the best remedy to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. However, African women rarely practice this sexual behavior. Their culture does not allow abstinence because their men believe entirely in sex. This has led to high Aids prevalence rates in Africa than any other part of the world. One the same note, abstinence is common in unmarried women as compared to married in the discussed cultures. 

  1. Masturbation

Masturbation is the stimulation of one’s sexual organs for sexual fulfillment. Masturbation can be practiced by one person or two people. The European and American women are mostly affected by this behavior because they view it as a safe-sex behavior. In Africa and Islamic countries, masturbation is viewed as an abomination; any woman found practicing this behavior can be excommunicated from the society. This sexual behavior is common in European and America countries because almost every woman is enlightened.

  1. Prostitution

Diamond (2009) states that prostitution is the provision of one’s body to a client in exchange of material gain. This sexual behavior has been in practice for a long time. However, there are various reasons as to why women indulge themselves in this immoral act. Asian, European and American women indulge in prostitution because of sexual gratification. Prostitution has been a common practice with western women because it pays well. A woman can be engaged in sexual intercourse with many men for a single day, depending on the amount of money the client pays. Some western counties have legalized this old trade to the salvage of prostitutes. It should be understood that not all women who practice prostitution from western countries are poor, some engage in prostitution because of curiosity. Many young girls engage in prostitution because of peer pressure and under the influence of hard drugs (Diamond, 2009).

Many African and Islamic cultures are totally against prostitution, to them; this sexual behavior is ungodly and immoral. No African or Islamic country has legalized this behavior; any woman found practicing prostitution would most probably be apprehended and prosecuted. African and Islamic cultures are against this behavior it corrupts the morals of the society. However, many women in these cultures practice prostitution because of poverty. To Evert cultural segregation, many women practice prostitution in private. They do it privately to avoid the wrath of the society and community. What many people fail to understand is that these women do not practice prostitution because they want to, circumstances force them to.

  1. Homosexuality

In simple terms, homosexuality is sexual attraction one develops towards a person of the same sex. Women who exhibit such behaviors are called lesbians. Such women receive different reactions depending on the cultural norms in their society. This sexual behavior is particularly common in the western culture although it has spread rapidly to other cultures. In the African culture, this behavior is an abomination; many African countries believe in the bible which states that a woman should have a male partner and not the other way round. Unfortunately, this behavior has been embraced by many African women who believe in the western culture. To them, every person has the right of associating sexually with anybody, so long as there is love.


Women should be encouraged to embrace moral and straight sexual behaviors. Immoral acts like prostitution should be done away with at all costs; this will go along way in sustaining the integrity and respect women deserve.  Women from different cultures are therefore encouraged to practice healthy sexual behaviors. It is the duty of the community to ensure that women are respected, and their sexual behaviors understood. 

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