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Human beings are a special creation from God and their sexual behaviors vary from one culture to another.  Human sexuality can be referred to as the mode in which human beings express and experience their sexuality. Sexual practices encompass an extensive range of activities which include, finding the right partner which culminates to interaction between individuals.

This interaction might be emotional or physical intimacy. After the interaction, the individuals end up performing the actual act of sexual intercourse. It would be baseless to discuss sexual behaviors in different cultures before understanding the term sexual activity. Naturally, sexual intercourse takes place between two or more people; many cultures accept sexual activities within married couples (Nan, 1995).

However, extramarital and premarital sex has become a common trait in the society. This article is going to discuss sexual behavior in women of different cultures.

Men versus women sexual behaviors. Different surveys have shown that men’s sexual behaviors are somewhat different from that of the women. Unlike women, men become sexually active at an earlier age, this means that in the life time of a man, he would end up having many sexual partners that a woman. Moreover, women are always sensitive to their social expectations; thus, they usually give an honest opinion when asked abut their sexual behaviors. Statistically, men have always been characterized with lies when talking about their sexual behaviors. Note that sexual behaviors among women vary from one culture to another (Nan, 1995).

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