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Objective of the Paper

The nature of this assignment is twofold. The first part analyzes the situations which make the application of psychological treatment technique impossible. The accent has been made on the practical evidence aggregated in the works of the most acknowledges scholars in this field, both the domestic and international ones. The second part of the assignment analyzes mistakes commonly perpetrated by parents before their child reaches the age of nine, which, according to the popular academic opinion, is the age when the overwhelming majority of our psychological predispositions are formed.

Assignment 1

Although this area of psychology currently remains impoverished conceptually, the scholars and practitioners have expressed multiple convergent opinions that a significant number of individual patients’ peculiarities impede the application of unorthodox treatment technique, known as prescribed symptom (McGodlrick, 1998). The cornerstone of this technique is the doctor's recommendation to act the way, which fully match the description of symptoms suffered by the patient (Krause, 2002). The most common situations, when this treatment approach is vigorously prohibited are the following: when a patient was subjected to a violent activity of the assailant (both psychological and physical duress match the requirements) and when a patient was a former criminal himself/herself, and the treatment is prescribed to prevent recidivism.

Under the circumstances of the first discussed phenomenon, the patients usually demonstrate the inclination to escape negative circumstances, which can be hypothetically inflicted to them by activities of the criminals. Medically, these manifestations are engendered by negative past experience of patients. What is important in the paradigm of this psychological field is the fact that these manifestations can be detrimental for the patient. Generally, the objective of the discussed therapeutic solution is that the patient does not act as the doctor recommends for a week, but the practice indicates that sometimes the patient does exactly as he/she is instructed. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that if the patient tells that he/she is inclined to commit suicide or to inflict bodily damages, the doctor has to do his/her best to avert this type of activity.

Assignment 2

One of the most fundamental pillars of the contemporary psychological science is that the majority of habits and individual subconscious predispositions are formulated before human beings reach the age of nine years (Krause, 2002). Following this assumption, contemporary psychological communities strongly recommend the parents to exercise particular scrutiny while implementing their upbringing techniques. The accent should be on prevention of violent demeanor predispositions and on cultivation of communicational skills of a child. Failure to conduct these procedures accordingly may potentially result in the serious mental disorders and inability to communicate fluently in the future business and social lives.

First and foremost, the leading pedagogical and psychological activists highly recommend to regulate the way the child is punished by his/her parents. To be more exact, parents are strongly admonished to avoid physical and excessive mental punishments which they apply to correct behavior of their children. Personal sufferings experienced by a child during this stage of development can be accumulated in the subliminal section of child’s mind and are likely to be reflected when a child grows up. The practice illustrates that in future these children commonly take revenge on their parents either directly, or by means of ceasing any relationships with them (McGoldrick, 1998).

The second measure that should be most indispensably accentuated is the way the parents develop communicational and social skills of a child. Nowadays, these traits are commonly considered among the most important pledges of success, both in a career and in social fields. Therefore, it is advisable to make a child an extroverted person inclined to constant communication. Parents should to talk with a child regularly asking him/her about his/her plans, seeking his/her advice on the daily matters and actively engage a child in the family life.

Provided that these measures are taken, the child psychologists and therapists conclude that mental development of a typical child is likely to go normal.

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