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Motivation are the forces, either internal or external that arouse enthusiasm and resistance to pursue a certain course of action. (Baron et al.2008): "Although motivation is a broad and complex concept, organizational scientists agree on its basic characteristics. Drawing from various social sciences, we define motivation as the set of processes that arouse, direct, and maintain human behavior toward attaining some goal."  Through organizational management human characteristics, social environment, task, physical environment, capacity, speed, durability, cost and their interaction with each other are carefully put into application. This results in a well orchestrated management policy which enhances the productivity of the organization.

In an applied case study, Joanne Harper has been with Zepco for 20 years. Starting in the personnel department, she has risen to the post of office manager. After such a long period of dedicated service, she truly deserves a chance to adventure and find the true world. For the benefit of the company, she should be granted that leave she so desires. The firm she works for should not charge her neither should it fail to pay her during such a time.  This would give her essential time for self discovery as well as offer her a chance for self evaluation as to the achievements of her career. This is in line with the kind of interests she wishes to pursue.

I n line with Myers-Briggs personality pathways, by being drawn to the outside world, Joanne Harper maybe could find the answers she wants about her life. After being introversive for the last 20 years or so, she probably has to look upon the outside world so as to draw conclusions on what she considers tricky situation in her lifestyle. Thus by applying this theory, the elemental energy sourced by interaction to things, people, places and activities will probably have a marvelous effect on her energy batteries. Her preference for extravention could be possibly necessitated by lack of enough paraphernalia to interact with in her current environment. Thus, a cruise around the world will necessarily do her enough good.

Effort in work is as natural as work and play McGregor (1960). People tend to apply self-control and self-direction in the pursuit of organizational objectives, without threats of punishments or external control. Every employee is committed towards achievement of objectives. People usually accept and often seek responsibility. A high degree of imagination, ingenuity and creativity is applied in solving organizational problems with the ultimate aim of realizing the full potential of individuals that make up the organization. This is in line with the Douglas McGregor’s theory of XY management.

 The theory could effectively apply in John Weston’s situation whose contribution to the organization is crucial. Yet for all his efforts, he is warranted a discipline when he disregards the orders. The insensitivity of the administration could cost them an employee whose notable contribution as well as reservoir of skills seem even more admirable from an individual point of view. The aim of the organization should be to retain such an employee and guarantee him the sole right to decision making provided he delivers the goods needed. Rather than risk losing such an employee, I would certainly retain them by offering a more flexible contract that respects the essence of independent decision making. He will thus carry the responsibility that goes with the kind of decisions he has been forced to twice.

Seeking self actualization, Carol Sinclair is not yet in a stable boat. Her marriage is in a rocking boat and she is also faced with a possible clash with her bosses. The diversions that come with the pressures of work and the struggle to attain high levels of academic standards in Master’s level especially in management coupled with a struggling relationship tan dint the way for the 26 year old married lady. Her academic progress is definitely a blessing. To fulfill her desires, the organization will not stand in her way so she is likely to get the off she needs (Tuesday afternoon).   This will allow her enough time to deal with the academics. The fact that she has no children means that her time is not fully occupied so she could possibly secure enough time to study. 

Carol is fully assured of the physiological, safety and belonging level as illustrated by Maslow in his hierarchy of needs. Contemplating between self esteem and self-actualization is an easy choice to make because she has to grapple with the few elements of personal achievement that are not mandatory for survival. She actually exudes an admirable psychological confidence and self-belief. Thus, with a strong footing and backing from the assured sources of energy, she is well positioned to handle the stress that comes with work as well as academics. Thus, the Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of needs will suitably dictate to her what she needs to prioritize.

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